Saturday, February 20, 2010

Cool With A "K" PART 18 - CHAPTER 5

I came home from school today, only to find Chris, Alice, and.... Kathy? Um, okay. Only to find Chris, Alice, and Kathy in the kitchen, making some sort of unidentifiable.... substance.
I came into the kitchen and stared at them until Kathy noticed me, "Oh, hi, Angie!"
I stuttered, "Uh.... Hey, Kathy. W-what a surprise, seeing you here."
Kathy beamed at me with that famous freaky grin. I got ready to make a run for it but, as usual, Kathy didn't hurt me. 
Just then, Chris's cat, Ger10 (A.K.A. Kathy's long-lost daemon), came trotting into the room. It looked at me with that weird, cheeky look it had; With its eyes partially closed and its ears pricked up happily. That cat really bugged me and I don't know why. It's just weird.
"GER10! Come here, Sweetheart!" Chris cried, picking up Ger10. I hated it how he and his cat always seemed to have the same expression when the cat came in.
Chris held Ger10 up to Kathy cheerily and she started petting it, "Oh, how cute!" 
Yeah, in an evil demon cat sort of way.
"Isn't he cute, Angie?" Kathy beamed.
I shook my head, "No, not really.... And it's Angela."
Kathy shrugged, "Chris calls you Angie."
"He's my brother." I said shortly.
"And Alice calls you that too...." Kathy said slowly.
I sighed, "Fine, call me Angie."
Kathy grinned, "Okay, Angie!"
Alice smiled and petted the cat too. Finding the situation boring, I left the room.

They made all this vegan crap and Chris kept trying to make me taste it. I eventually did and, to my great surprise, it was amazing. I didn't know you could make food taste good without eggs, meat, or dairy!
Chris went down into the basement yesterday (which is pretty weird for him, he's usually terrified of going down to the basement by himself) and he found this weird vegan cookbook. Sadly, he insisted on making some of the recipes. Alice and Kathy totally went for it. Big mistake. They made this weird vegan tomato paste jello stuff and tried it. Chris threw up- Oh, there goes Alice!.... Hmm.... I guess Kathy just has a strong stomach. Well, one thing was clear to me; I would die before I'd let them shove that crap down my throat.
The next one they tried was this weird vegetable soup with fake bologna in it. Gross! They made the soup and, when deciding who should taste it, all turned to me.
I held up my arms in defence, backing up slowly, "Hey, guys, don't be that way.... You know what? If we're all scared of it, then just throw it out!"
Chris, Alice, and Kathy all looked at each other, shrugged, and dumped the soup into the sink with no further talk of it.
When Mom came home, she offered to help them cook, but was politely turned down. Feeling the slightest bit rejected, Mom came to sit by me and watch them cook.
I patted her shoulder and said, "Don't take it personally. They're kids."
Mom nodded, "Oh, I know, Angela. Why are you suddenly so wise?"
I grinned stupidly to myself, "Wise, eh?" I chuckled, "I'm wise.... Cool."
Mom studied me and said, "You kind of wrecked it."
"I know I did." I laughed.

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