Thursday, February 25, 2010

Cool With A "K" PART 18 - CHAPTER 6

Last week, Chris and I forgot that there were no after-school classes and had to stay and watch the cheerleaders practice. Gee, that sounds fun!
We sat in the bleachers, bored out of our minds. This was before the cheerleaders even started practice. 
Kathy came over to us, "Hi, Angie!" She smiled coyly at Chris, "Hey, Chris."
Chris backed up a little and took hold of my jacket sleeve. I patted his arm and whispered, "It's okay, Buddy."
Kathy groaned, "Crap! I forgot my cheerleading bag!"
She whipped out her cellphone and said into it, "Hi, Lunky!" Her brother, Lunkwill.
"Yeah.... You know what would make you the nicest brother in the whole wide world?" Kathy's voice had a sickening sweetness to it, "If you brought me my cheerleading bag!.... Yeah, I forgot it at home..... Well, you're not busy, are you?..... Of course you're not. Now, come on, Lunky!..... Pleaaaaaaaassssseeeeeee?" Kathy beamed suddenly, "Thank you, Lunky!"
She closed her phone and announced, "Lunkwill is coming to bring my bag!"
Chris and I nodded uncertainly.
About fifteen minutes later, Kathy's twelve-year-old brother, Lunkwill, arrived with Kathy's bag. "Here you are, Princess." He said flatly, handing the bag to Kathy.
Kathy beamed and hugged Lunkwill, "Thank you, Lunkkyyyyyyy!"
"Stop calling me that." Lunkwill muttered, squirming out of Kathy's hug.
Kathy smiled more, "You're so nice, Lunky!"
Lunkwill nodded half-heartedly, "Well, I now have nothing to do, so I guess I'll stay here."
Kathy's face suddenly lit up, as if she had an idea. "Hey, Chris! You should come with me!"
"Uh-" Chris stuttered, but Kathy took his hand and lead him onto the field.
Lunkwill gestured to the seat on the bleachers next to me and I shrugged. He sat down and we sat in silence for a while.
"Hello." I said stupidly.
Lunkwill looked a little surprised that anyone had decided to talk to him. 
"Hello." He said back.
Leaving Chris with the other cheerleaders (Never a good idea), Kathy frolicked back over to us and smiled.
"Hey, Lunky! So, I see you met Angie!" She said cheerily, "You know, Lunky, she's too old for you. Leo might like you! He's nice enough."
I snorted at the thought of Leo's reaction if a guy flirting with him.
Lunkwill blushed bright red and said through gritted teeth, "For the last time, Kathy, I'm not gay!"
If he was, what would that have made me according to their previous conversation?
Kathy said to him with big innocent doe eyes, "Lunkwill, it's okay to be gay. You don't have to hide it. It's okay to come out of the closet...."
Lunkwill gaped at her, looking offended, "But I'm not!"
Putting her hand on her brother's shoulder, Kathy said gently, "Lunkwill, straight guys don't memorize the dance to 'Freak Out.'"
"Le Freak. Get it right." Lunkwill said flatly. He shook his head, "B-but it was just for fun! Don't be sexist, Kathy!"
"I'm not, it's just..."
"You're being sexist, Kathy." Lunkwill said, shaking a finger at her, "That's a no-no."
I felt out of place and didn't know whether to leave or not. I decided to stick around and watch them argue, which was a little awkward, but leaving would be rude.
"I'm not gay, Kathy! Will you stop telling everyone that?" Lunkwill hissed at his sister.
Kathy shook her head pitifully, "Lunkwiil, don't lie to yourself. It's bad for you, I'm sure of it."
Lunkwill scowled and didn't say anything. Kathy smiled and said, "Chris is gay, he might like you."
Well, at least Kathy knew Chris was gay....
"He has a boyfriend." I said, clenching my teeth as I plotted to kill Geoffry..... Ha ha ha! I'm just kidding! I'm so funny! Ha ha ha ha.....
Lunkwill looked uncomfortable and Kathy shrugged casually, "Oh, never mind, then. You can just be cute little gay buddies!"
"Kathy! Will you please shut up?" Lunkwill gritted his teeth, blushing more.
Kathy blinked, "Oh, I'm sorry, Lunky. Did you not want Angie to know that you're-"
"Kathy...." Lunkwill chuckled impatiently, "Stop... calling... me that."
Kathy smiled, "Okay, Lunky! Hey, I have to get back to practice. I'll see you later!"
She patted her brother's head and skipped off to the kitchen. Lunkwill and I stood in place awkwardly for a while and Lunkwill held out a hand to me, looking at his feet. 
"Lunkwill Parker." He said quietly.
I blinked and shook his hand. I thought Chris was the only teen who greeted people with a handshake. "Angela Harper."
"Nice to meet you." Lunkwill said, refusing to look at me, "Don't listen to my sister, she's nuts."
I know. I wanted to say, but it wasn't necessary. Kathy's sanity kind of spoke for itself.
"You too." I said awkwardly. It seemed so weird, talking to someone who was four years younger than me. I usually stuck to my own age group.
I nodded and he let go of my hand. We stood in silence for a few moments longer before he said, "You didn't believe her, did you?"
"What?" I said, confused.
"That I was gay? I'm not."
"Um.... No." I said stupidly.
Lunkwill nodded and sighed, "Good..... Who's Chris?"
"My brother." I said, glancing hatefully across the room at Geoffry and Chris.
Lunkwill blushed and said, "Your brother? Well, being gay isn't a bad thing, I'm just.... not."
I nodded, "Yeah..."
I pointed to Chris, who was being beat up by Mouse, and said to Lunkwill, "There, the guy."
Lunkwill nodded, "He's cute.... Like, kid cute. Not-"
"Yeah, I know." I said, trying not to sound impatient. This kid sure was defensive. I wonder what his family is like. Oh, wait, I already know! The poor kid.
"How old is he?" Lunkwill said curiously.
I grinned, "Fifteen."
Lunkwill laughed hollowly, "Really? "
I nodded, grinning, "How old did you think he was?"
"I don't know, like thirteen." Lunkwill chuckled.
I shook my head, "That kid is crazy. He's really little for his age, but he's on a diet because he thinks he's fat. Ah, what will I do with my little brother?"
Lunkwill shrugged, "You said he has a.... Er... boyfriend... right? Well, um.... Isn't that enough for him?"
I paused to hate Geoffry for a second before answering, "Should be. Not to mention his sister who saves his ass in every bad situation he gets himself into."
Lunkwill nodded awkwardly and I realized I was probably confusing the heck out of him.
"Well," I said, "Nice to meet you, Lunkwill." I held out my hand again and he shook it.
"Nice to meet you, Angela." Lunkwill stuttered.
We stood in awkward silence for a bit longer, before Lunkwill simply got up and headed home. I decided it would be a good idea to go save Chris at this time.

"Hey, Mousey! Get off of Chris's back!"

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