Friday, February 19, 2010

Cool With A "K" PART 18 - CHAPTER 4

Mouse was ridiculously happy that Leo's mom had been able to find almost the exact same fabric as her cheerleading uniform, which was a pretty impressive feat because the uniform was orange. Mouse was relieved because even if the fabric had clashed terribly, Leo's mom would've used it anyway. That would be embarrassing- Wait, was Mouse really thinking this? She shook her relief from her head and tried to forget about it all. 
To her embarrassment, Mouse found herself beaming when she saw Lydia. Mouse didn't know what she liked about Lydia, she just did.
Mouse approached Lydia, but didn't say anything. Instead, she waited for Lydia to notice her. Lydia looked up from tying her shoe, "Oh, hi, Mouse."
"Hey, Lydia." Mouse said, trying to sound tired and casual. She looked around, "Where's Stephanie?"
Lydia shook her head, standing up, "Oh, sh-she should be here b-by now."
Mouse thought about Lydia's stutter for a second. She must have been pretty bored to sort through such a useless subject. Mouse noticed that when Lydia stuttered, sometimes she just drew out the first part of a word instead of stumbling over the whole word like she usually did. 
While completely spacing out, Mouse didn't notice Stephanie and Melonie walk over to the bleachers, where she and Lydia were sitting.
Melonie cleared her throat rudely and Mouse blinked. "What?"
Melonie said shortly, "Time for practice. New uniform?"
Crap. She had noticed! Mouse gritted her teeth, "No. Why do you ask?"
Melonie and Stephanie exchanged a glance and walked onto the field without further explanation. Mouse mumbled to herself and followed them, Lydia right behind her.
After practicing their cheerleading routines, Mouse and Lydia sat down in the bleachers.
"I hate cheerleading." Mouse said flatly.
"Then why did you j-join?" Lydia asked. 
Mouse thought about how to answer and said, "You dared me to, remember?"
Lydia was quiet for a second, but said, "I'm s-sorry. You know you d-didn't have to do that j-just because I d-dared you to..."
Mouse shrugged, "Yeah."
Lydia didn't feel that her question had been answered, but she didn't pry any more. Mouse felt like apologizing for being harsh, but that's not how she rolls.

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