Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Cool With A "K" PART 16 - CHAPTER 12

I needed something to worry about..... besides Mouse. Anything besides Mouse, please. What should I get myself into so I have to worry about it....? Mabel? Oh, please, God, no. I want something to distract me from Mouse that does not include possible injuries *crosses ten people off the list*
Hmm..... Geoffry? Yuck, no. He's Chris's problem. What about Harold? Harold! Yeah.... but, how would that be something to worry about? Uhg! This paranoia thing is harder than I thought!

Chris walked into the boys bathroom at school and he saw something that he found rather odd... A MONSTER!!!!...... No, not really. Harold was sitting in the corner, facing the wall and talking at normal volume. He was saying things like, "Oh, yeah. Well, I don't really know, she doesn't really like me." and "No, I don't fit in very well." and "Oh, that's my favorite color too!"
Chris raised an eyebrow at him. Was Harold talking to imaginary friends? Chris didn't even know, but he did know that Harold took absolutely no notice of him.
Chris considered making Harold snap out of it, but he just smiled and left the room, deciding to use the second floor bathroom.

Harold walked up to Leo, looking nervous. "H-hey, Leo?" 
When Leo turned around, Harold wiped the nervous look off his face and managed a grin. "Hey, you like movies?"
Leo grimaced, "Sorry, kid, I'm straight. Thanks for the offer though, I know I'm kind of irresistible." Harold's face flushed and he shook his head, stuttering, "N-no! That's not what I meant at all! I just have some extra tickets...."
Leo eyed him suspiciously and Harold held out the tickets. He said, "You can take a friend with you, or a girl, but I don't know if girls would really like it...."
Leo gasped when he saw the tickets, his face lighting up, "You got porno tickets? Dude! How'd you get these?"
Harold didn't know what to say, he had gotten them from the football team, "Oh, uh..." He said, trying to think of some cool-sounding excuse, "You know, I have my ways."
Leo was stupid enough to settle with that and grinned, "So, you're just giving them to me?"
Harold nodded quickly, "Uh-huh. No scam, no nothing, just take 'em."
Leo patted Harold's back, "Thanks, man! Trust me, you've done a good thing." He ran off, almost squealing with excitement. 
Once Leo was out of sight, Harold whispered to himself, "One down, four to go."

"Hey, Chris!" Harold said, trying to sound enthusiastic. Hesitating, Chris turned around, firing a untrusting look at Harold. He smiled tightly, "Hi, Harold. What is it that you want?"
Harold swallowed nervously, hoping his plan would work. "Um, hey... I just....."
Chris raised an eyebrow at him, pursing his lips, "Sorry, Harold."
Harold cocked his head, "What?"
Chris sighed, sounding annoyed, "No, Harold. You're not my type and if you're asking me out than I decline your offer."
Harold blushed and shook his head violently, "N-no, that's not what I...." Why did everyone think he was asking them out? Was he really that shaky?
Chris looked annoyed and said, "Good. Now, what do you want."
Harold sighed, starting to loose his patience, "Okay. I heard there's this awesome exhibit at the science museum on Central Avenue about.... butterflies. T-this friday."
Chris studied Harold, looking him up and down suspiciously as he always did. 
After a somewhat long, extremely awkward silence, Chris spoke, "Butterflies?"
Harold nodded cautiously and was surprised to see a smile slowly spread across Chris's face.
"Is that so?" Chris said, smiling at Harold, which was kind of alien to Harold. Harold nodded and Chris said, "Thank you, I'll be sure to check that out."
He reached out to pat Harold's shoulder, but recoiled, remembering that he wasn't a particular fan of Harold. Instead, Chris walked away, leaving Harold sighing with relief, Chris would've been the hardest. Now, the next victim.

Mouse was pretty easy. All Harold had to do was make a fake ad that said, Big sale at Gamestop, Friday the 20th and Mouse bought it. This was a little dull for her, but she was probably just pretending to believe him so he would leave her alone. Mouse too thought Harold was asking her out, which disturbed her greatly. She figured he was too pathetic to beat up for 'attempting to ask her out on a date'. Harold still didn't understand why everyone thought that.

Alice was easy too, she was already babysitting her cousin that day. Perfect. Jamie was going to the mall with her friend, Crystal. Again, perfect.
Harold grinned, his mission was almost complete.

"Hey, Angela?" Harold said nervously. 
I smiled at him, "Hi, Harold."
Harold laughed nervously and said, blushing a bit, "Hey, Angela.... um.... D-do you and your friends want to come over to my house this Friday?"
I sighed, smiling politely, "Oh, sorry, Harold. They're all busy on Friday." It just occurred to me what a weird coincidence it was that they were all busy, even Chris. He was taking Geoffry to this weird butterfly thing at a museum.
Harold looked up at me and said slowly, ".... Well, then... Maybe you could just come...."
I thought about this; I wasn't busy that day. I nodded, "Sure, I'm free on Friday."
Harold smiled a little, chuckling, "Really? You'll come? Seriously?"
I nodded, "Sure, I'll come."
Harold grinned, "I-I'll see you later then. Bye bye." With that, he ran off. Typical. Sometimes I couldn't remember who was the one with the stutter, Lydia or Harold.

Okay then, I was going to Harold's house on Friday.