Friday, February 5, 2010

Cool With A "K" PART 17 - CHAPTER 3

I hoped day two would go better. It didn't, really. I woke up to Geoffry, Chris, and Alice, sitting on a long log and Geoffry was cooking vegetables over a newly-built fire. Oh, you have got to be kidding me....
I got dressed in my tent and walked over to them.
"Hey, guys." I said when they didn't notice me.
Alice looked up from the food, "Oh, hi, Angie."
I gestured to our breakfast, "Um.... Geoffry cooked?" I was fine with Chris and Alice cooking or me cooking....
Geoffry nodded sheepishly and Chris playfully slapped his shoulder, "Oh, don't be so modest! You did an excellent job, Honey!" Are you serious?
Not convinced, I sat down by Alice and picked up a skewer, biting into the vegetables. Oh my god! It was freaking delicious! I sighed, grinning stupidly. 
Geoffry beamed, "So, you like it too?"
I snapped out of it and said cooly, "Um... Yeah, it's okay."
Geoffry, Alice, and Chris spent the next forty minutes or so talking.... and talking... and talking. I sat only a few feet away from them, but they took no notice of me, they were too busy absorbing Geoffry's perfectness. I wanted to throw a rock at his head.
I stood up and said loudly, "Okay, Campers! I think it's a good time for some camping activities!" Chris crossed his arms, looking at me like I was crazy. Geoffry and Alice exchanged looks. Neither of them looked like they wanted to do any 'camping activities', but they didn't scowl at me like Chris.
I grinned stupidly, "Come on, let's go!"
Chris groaned, standing up and brushing off his shorts, "You sound like Dora the explorer."
"Yep, now come on." I said, already heading into the woods.
Alice nervously said from behind me, "Um, Angie?"
"Where.... Where are we going, exactly?" She said quietly.
I shrugged, "I don't know."
I could feel three pairs of eyes on me. Chris's scowl, Alice's nervous eyes, Geoffry's awkward, confused expression. 
Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Geoffry take Chris's hand. I really wanted to throw a rock at his head. I actually had one in my backpack, a big one, just in case.... Ha ha ha! I wouldn't do that.... But one can never be too careful.
I gritted my teeth, trying hard not to get mad. "Hey, how about we go on a hike?"
My friends (and Geoffry) all stared at me. "Are... are you serious?" Alice stuttered.
"Heck yeah!" I laughed, patting her on the back. "Let's go!"
We all had our backpacks, which was pretty stupid, but we did. Geoffry carried Princess Chris's backpack for a while, but Alice and I both carried our own.
After we were a few miles away from camp, it started pouring. We walked back, in the rain, soaking wet. 
We all sat, huddled around a campfire that Mr. Wonderful had made. I smiled, "Isn't this fun?"
Everyone glared at me, even Mr. I-Never-Get-Mad-At-Anyone. I shrugged, laughing nervously. Crap, now they were all gonna hate me. 

This was not as fun as I had hoped.

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