Friday, December 24, 2010

Cool With A "K" PART 28.5 - CHAPTER 8

The next day at school, right when Kathy walked into the school, three sophomore boys stepped in front of her.
"Katherine, why'd you shave your head?" One boy said.
"Yeah, that's really jacked up." Another boy said.
Kathy looked between the two boys who had spoken and said, "I, uh..."
"It looks really trippy." The third boy said.
"So, why'd you do it, Prep?" The first boy said.
"Yeah, why'd  you do it?" The second boy echoed the first.
Kathy swallowed and said, "I... Don't know.... I guess I was just-"
"Whatever." The third boy said, rolling his eyes, "She ain't gonna tell us nothing."
The boys walked away and Kathy said to quietly, "I would have if you had given me the chance."
She walked up the stairs and went to her locker.
"Crap." Kathy said, looking through her backpack, "I forgot my lunch at home..."
She sighed and slammed her locker shut, walking off the homeroom.

After second hour, Kathy opened her locker again. A shiny red apple was sitting on the top shelf.
Kathy knit her eyebrows and picked up the apple. She inspected it and said under her breath, "How did this get here?"
She looked around and thought, Did whoever put the tissues in my bag yesterday put this apple here?
Kathy shrugged and put the apple back in her locker.

At lunch, Kathy sat by herself, eating her apple. 
I still don't have anyone to sit with, but at least I have something to eat. She thought to herself, I guess that's better than nothing...
Kathy looked around the lunchroom. She caught several kids awkwardly glancing up at her every few seconds, but they sheepishly turned away when she caught their eye.
That's what you get for shaving your head. Kathy thought, taking a bite of her apple, Just like life gave you misery when you treated everyone like s**t. I guess there is such a thing as karma. When life gives you lemons, don't make your lemonade too sour or people won't choose your life to be in.
Kathy knit her eyebrows and thought, Did I really just come up with that? How corny...

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