Thursday, December 2, 2010

Cool With A "K" PART 28 - CHAPTER 8

Kathy ran into the school as recess ended. She had to escape.
Kathy dashed to the girls' bathroom and locked herself in a stall. She leaned against the wall and thought.
"I got kicked off the cheerleading squad." Kathy whispered to herself, "I did so badly in school that they took cheerleading away from me."
Kathy sniffed and closed her eyes. A tear went down her cheek. Kathy wept quietly to herself in the bathroom for a long time. She didn't even care if she was late for Art.
Kathy sniffled and whispered shakily to herself, "What does it matter if I go to Art or not?.... All that would happen is kids would probably tease me and give me dirty looks."
She cried more, by herself.
Kathy felt more alone then she ever had before. She was crying by herself in a dirty bathroom stall for Pete's sake.
"I'm alone." Kathy said to herself,

"I'm all alone."

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