Monday, December 20, 2010

Cool With A "K" PART 28.5 - CHAPTER 5

It was Monday, the day Kathy came back from being suspended.
Kathy walked to school and stopped in front of the double doors at the front of the building. Kids were already going into the school; it was too late to change her mind.
Kathy pulled open the door to Withrow High School and went inside.

As I walked to homeroom with Alice and Chris that morning, Alice tapped Chris' shoulder and said, "Chris... Look."
Chris and I both followed her gaze. A girl was walking down the hallway, staring straight ahead with glassy, grey-blue eyes. She was wearing a purple shirt with a black cardigan, black loose pants, and a dark purple scarf. But that wasn't the weird part.
The weird part was two things:

A) The girl had shaved her head.
B) The girl was Kathy.

Alice's eyes widened and she covered her mouth with her hand.
"Oh... My God." Chris said softly.
I stared at Kathy in shock as she drifted silently down the hallway, ignoring all the strange looks she got.
Kathy passed us and a cold breeze went with her, like she was a ghost. She glanced at us for a second, then she was gone.
Chris, Alice, and I exchanged looks.
"What is going on?" Alice said.
I shook my head, "I don't know."
Chris sighed, "I was right. It's the armageddon."

Kathy stood at her locker, pulling books out of it silently. She could feel the whole school's eyes on her, but she tried to ignore it.
I know! I look weird! I shouldn't have shaved my head and I'm an idiot! Now leave me alone assholes! Kathy wanted to turn around and scream, but it wouldn't do any good. She pulled her sleeve over the healing cut on her arm from when she had sliced it with the kitchen knife.
I need to start thinking before I act. Kathy thought. She closed her locker and walked to English.
When Kathy was almost to the door, Leo stepped in front of her.
"What is wrong with you?" He snapped, "Why would you cut your hair?"
Kathy didn't say anything.
"I can't believe you're so stupid! You act like a bitch, then you try to get everyone's attention by getting in a fight and cutting off all your hair! You're an idiot."
Kathy said softly, "You don't know the first thing about me, Leo."
Kids were starting to gather around Leo and Kathy with interest.
"Oh, don't I?" Leo said, "Don't I? Well, I know that you're a self-centered, psychotic teenager who doesn't care about anyone but herself!"
"Go to hell!" Kathy cried.
"You just want everyone to feel sorry for you because you don't know how to get attention besides being mean!" Leo exclaimed, "You don't know how to be nice!"
Kathy stared at Leo and her eyes moistened. Leo scowled at her for a long time.
Kathy wiped her nose on her palm and ran past Leo, down the hall.
The kids who had gathered to watch the fight were all staring at Leo. He looked at them and boomed, "What?!"
"Dude," Lester said, shaking his head, "That ain't right."
The crowd separated again and kids went to their lockers and their classes. The only person remaining was Mouse. She stared at Leo like she was trying to figure him out.
"What?" Leo said quietly.
Mouse shook her head and said, "Leo, I may be mean, but that was cruel."
She followed the other students to class and Leo stood by himself. He sighed and stormed to his locker.

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