Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Cool With A "K" PART 28 - CHAPTER 14

Kathy opened her front door and slammed it as hard as she could behind her. The whole house seemed to shake. She threw her backpack on the couch and screamed with frustration.
Kathy was always the first one home, so she wouldn't have to tell her parents about the suspension for a few hours.
Kathy took the envelope from the principle out of her backpack and ripped it to shreds.
"I! HATE! EVERYTHING!" She yelled, screaming again.
Kathy stormed into her room. She felt loud, she felt angry, she felt destructive.
She looked at her perfect little room, full of things she loved.
"I love nothing..." Kathy said, stomping into the room, "I LOVE NOTHING!!!"
She grabbed a baseball bat out of the closet and swung it as hard as she could across her dresser. All the little porcelain figurines and toys and knick knacks shattered and fell to the floor.
Kathy swung the bat again, slamming it hard onto the broken pottery.
She looked in the full length mirror on the wall. There she was; A girl stood in the mirror. She was wearing an orange Withrow High School cheerleading uniform that no longer belonged to her and her bright red tendrils of hair were falling out of her ponytail. A crazed, pushed-to-the-limit look filled her eyes.
Kathy could not look at that face for a second longer.
"I HATE YOU!!!" She screamed and she slammed the wooden bat into the mirror. Thousands of shards of shiny glass broke away from each other, showering all over Kathy and her room. The glass cut at her skin, but she didn't care.
"BE! GONE!" Kathy screamed, hitting the mirror again, "I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU!!!!!"
Kathy whirled around, her hair flying across her shoulder. She needed to hit something else. She spotted the T.V. and she stomped across the room. She swung the bat and hit the T.V.'s black monitor hard.
More glass flew across the room.
Kathy dropped the bat and it hit the floor with a loud klunk.
"You like that?" Kathy said aloud, blowing the hair out of her face, "Well, there's a hell of a lot more where that came from!"
Kathy picked up the T.V. off the white wicker table it sat and and lugged it to her bed. With a slight bit of effort, she slung it onto the bed and ran to her bedroom window.
She pushed open the window and picked up the T.V. again.
With almost no hesitation, Kathy threw the T.V. out the window and watched it crash into the garden outside her house.
She ran across her room and pulled open the drawers of her dresser. She took out the clothes in a drawer and threw them across the room. She did the same thing with the other drawers and she pulled the dresser over. It crashed to the floor and she stormed over to the closet.
There, Kathy flung open the closet and grabbed a random box of things. She forcefully tossed it on her bed and opened it. She took out a pack of cards and held it out the window.
Kathy tore the flimsy cardboard top off of the box and poured the cards out the window. She watched them flutter down onto the T.V.'s grave. It was almost... Calming.
Kathy rushed back to the box on her bed and, one-by-one, took out the rest of the objects and dropped them out the window, watching them fall to the ground.
Finally, Kathy pulled out the last object in the box; A big, black bowling ball. She held it out the window for a moment.
Kathy drew in a breath and when she let it out, she let go of the heavy bowling ball and watched it drop. The dark ball plummeted to it's death at an incredible speed. It landed smack dab in the middle of the broken T.V. set and glass flew everywhere in the garden.
Kathy stared down at her broken things, surrounding the T.V. like a ghostly halo. She gasped and pulled her sweaty hair out of her face as she realized what she had just done. 
Kathy turned to face her bedroom and the painful feeling of regret quickly rushed over her. Less than thirty minutes ago, the little room had been so innocent and warm and welcoming. Now, it hurt her to look at it.
Kathy walked across her room, glass crunching under her white sneakers, and stared down at the floor. She bent down and picked up the shattered remains of a snow globe her grandmother had given her. A little snowman slowly turned on the mechanical base, but the glass globe was shattered and water leaked all over Kathy's hands.
Hands shaking, Kathy slowly began picking up the pieces of the snow globe and a shard of glass cut her hand.
"Ow..." Kathy said. She watched a drop of warm blood slide down her fingers.
Look at me. Kathy thought as she glanced into a shard of her mirror on the floor, I'm a monster. Out of anger, I destroyed my own home.
Kathy set the snow globe pieces back on the floor. She slowly wrapped her arms around her knees and started crying.
The scary part, She thought, Is that I'm still angry.
A moment later, Lunkwill called down the hall, "Kathy!"
Kathy didn't answer, she just sat in a ball on the floor of her destroyed room and cried. She heard footsteps coming down the hall and Lunkwill came into view.
"Ka... Thy...." He said, taking in the room. His eyes grew wide and he looked around the room in horror.
Lunkwill shifted his questioning, horrified gaze to Kathy.
Kathy lifted her head to look at him. There was pain in her eyes; Pain and anger.
Wordlessly, Kathy stood up and slowly walked past her brother and down the hall. Her shoulder brushed Lunkwill's shoulder, but Lunkwill didn't move.
Lunkwill stood in the doorway, staring at the destroyed bedroom. He whispered to himself, 

"What happened?"

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