Monday, December 20, 2010

Cool With A "K" PART 28.5 - CHAPTER 4

Chris lied on his bed, scowling up at the ceiling and thinking about the past week.
Then, there was a knock on his bedroom door.
"Come in." Chris said, still staring at the ceiling.
Mom gingerly opened the door and stuck her head in, "Sweetie? Can I talk to you?"
Chris sat up and said, "Uh, yeah, sure."
Mom closed the door behind her and sat down next to Chris on his bed.
"Angie said you were having some troubles with school." Mom said, "Is there anything I can do to help?"
Chris scowled down at the floor and didn't say anything.
Mom brushed his hair out of his face and said, "Come on, tell me what's wrong."
"It's just seems like everything's going wrong at the same time." Chris sighed, "Kathy's gone, Jenny's upset, and Leo's just plain ruining everything."
Mom pursed her lips and said, "What do you mean Leo is ruining everything?"
Chris rolled his eyes and scoffed, "He's been such a total jerk lately. He called Kathy..."
Chris glanced at Mom for a second before continuing, "Something really bad. He got really mad because she was mean to Tae-Hyun and now he won't stop talking about how awful Kathy is when really, Leo's the one who's being a jerk to everyone!"
"Well," Mom said, crossing her legs, "What about Kathy? It sounds like she's been pretty mean, too."
"She has," Chris said, "She's been really mean, but Leo won't stop giving her crap and talking about how terrible she is when she's not even at school. It's kind of hypocritical, really."
Mom nodded and asked, "Anything else?"
Chris bit his lip and said, "Yeah... Leo and I got in a fight today... He and Angie were arguing about Kathy and I said I was with the girls. Then Leo said I always side with the girls instead of him because I wished I was one."
Mom gave Chris a sad look and listened as he went on.
"Then he said I would make a better girl because I'm bossy and oversensitive." Chris said quietly, scowling at the floor."Oohhh..." Mom said, putting her arm around her son's shoulders, "I'm sorry he said that, Honey. I know he didn't mean it."
"Yes, he did." Chris said, "Leo's a stupid moody jerk who doesn't care about anything but himself and the Asian goddess he worships."
Mom looked confused and said, "What?"
"Tae-Hyun." Chris scoffed, "He's totally in love with her and he's alllwaaays with her and it's so annoying!"
Mom pursed her lips again and said, "Well, what about how you and Geoffry are always together?"
Chris huffed, "Not anymore. He's a jerk too. He disrespected Alice and I realized Geoffry is a soulless, inconsiderate, perverted, stupid teenager. So, I broke up with him."
Mom awkwardly glanced at her son and said, "What do you mean by... He disrespected Alice?"
Chris' eyes got big and he cleared his throat.
"Uuuuuuummmmm...." He said slowly, running his fingers through his hair, "He.... Did..... Something...."
"Something?" Mom said, "Something like the something he did to you when you got mad at him last?"
"Nooo...." Chris lied.
Mom raised an eyebrow at her son. Chris tried not to look at her, but when he did, he sighed.
"O-okay, yeah. Something like that something." Chris said quietly.
Mom nodded, "Ahh. So, you're not too sure Geoffry was a good choice for a boyfriend?"
Chris shook his head and said, "I don't know. He does a lot of bad things, like, often. But he's sometimes so sweet and charming and romantic..."
"Do you think he's a safe person to be around?" Mom asked.
Chris sighed, "I don't even know... He cares about me, I know that."
Mom nodded, interested and a little nervous, "So, what exactly happened with him and Alice? Is she alright?"
"Oh, yes, she's fine." Chris said, "But she was really upset when it happened."
Mom gave him a 'go on' look.
Chris sighed again and said hesitantly, "Well... Alice said she ran into Geoffry in the hallway and he said he didn't get to 'see' her at the party. When she questioned him, he quote 'put his hands all over her' unquote...."
Chris glanced at Mom, who was gaping at him.
"My goodness, that's awful." Mom said, her hand on her heart, "The poor angel. I'm sure she was so afraid."
Chris sighed, "Afraid of my ex-boyfriend."
When his mother didn't say anything, Chris looked at her and said, "Don't worry, I'm done with Geoffry. He's a total jerk."
Mom nodded and smiled weakly, "A-alright... That's good."
She got up and walked to the door, "Well, good luck with your school problems."
Chris knit his eyebrows and said, "Mom, are you okay?"
Mom smiled again and said nervously, "Uh, yes, I'm fine, Sweetheart."
"... You sure?" Chris said slowly.
Mom nodded and said, "Yeah... 'Night, Sweetie."
Chris raised an eyebrow at his mother and she closed the door.
Mom pressed her back against the door and let out a long sigh.
"He said he was done with Geoffry, Patricia." She whispered to herself, "Chris is done with him. It's over, everything's fine, your son is safe."
"Is he really?" I said, coming out of the kitchen with a bottle of water.
Mom looked startled to see me and she said, "Oh, Angela. I didn't know you were..."
"Yeah... I figured." I said, eyeing her, "Is everything okay?"
Mom nodded quickly and tried to get past me to the living room, "Yeah.... Everything's fine."
I blocked the doorway with my arm and said, "So, you don't trust him either?"
"Geoffry." I said, "You don't trust him either?"
Mom looked like she didn't want to say. I gave her a stern look and her shoulders sagged (Almighty Angie powers).
"I don't know, Angela." Mom sighed, "He seems like a very nice boy, but, based off of you and your brother's stories, it sounds like Geoffry has had some problems with... People saying 'no'."
Saying no. That phrase didn't mean just saying 'no', it meant turning down Geoffry's sexual offers.
Although I was a little disgusted, I couldn't help grinning; Mom was on my side now. If Chris wanted to date Geoffry again and Mom said he couldn't, then I wouldn't have to see that jerk's face in my house ever again!
I nodded and said, almost cheerily, "Yes, he has! I think he's kind of creepy, too-"
"I didn't say creepy, Angela." Mom said quietly, "I just don't know if I should trust him with Chris."
I sighed and thought, Maybe I should take this conversation seriously...
"Yeah." I said, "I don't trust Geoffry at all. It seems like he touches Chris, or people in general, every chance he gets."
Mom's eyes widened and I said, "Okay, let me rephrase that. When Geoffry and Chris were dating, they were always together and Geoffry always had his arm around Chris' waist and stuff. You know, that kind of thing."
Mom nodded and said, "Angela..."
"Yeah?" I said cautiously.
Crap, crap, crap! Am I in trouble??? I thought.
"Why didn't you tell me about this sooner?" Mom asked.
I knit my eyebrows as I thought. Why didn't I tell her sooner?
"I... Don't know." I said, "I have no idea. I've always hated Geoffry, but I never told you, did I?"
Mom shrugged and said, "Well, Chris really cared about him, so maybe he's not that bad."
"I still think he is." I mumbled, adding, "So... What do you think we should do?"
"I don't think we have to do anything, necessarily." Mom said, "Chris was having a problem with Geoffry, so he broke off their relationship. I think your brother is doing the right thing."
I scoffed, "Yeah, until they get back together in a week."
"Angela..." Mom said.
"What? It's only the truth! It's happened twice already!" I said.
Mom sighed, "Well, we should leave it to your brother to take care of. He's getting older and I shouldn't baby him so much."
I grabbed Mom's arm and said, "No! Please, Mom, don't let him take care of himself! Bad stuff happens when Chris is independent! He needs to depend on someone else or his life is going to suck!"
Mom eyed me and pried my hand from her arm.
"Angela, you need to have more faith in your brother. He is an incredible boy and he is very smart." Mom said.
"Uh, are you sure we're talking about the same person?" I said.
"Sorry!" I said.

I don't trust Geoffry, and I really don't think I trust Chris to make the right decision with him either.

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