Monday, December 20, 2010

Cool With A "K" PART 28.5 - CHAPTER 7

Kathy sat in art class, starting to draw a picture of a fish.
The art teacher, a fat old man named Mr. Chang, passed by and said, "Use a pen, Ms. Parker."
Kathy sighed and put her pencil in her pocket. She opened her book bag to get a pen, only to see something tucked amongst her schoolbooks. It was a package of tissues with a small piece of paper taped to it.
Kathy furrowed her eyebrows and opened the little note.

Don't cry.

Kathy looked around the room for someone who could've put the tissues and note there. Someone glancing over at her, or holding a turquoise pen like the one used to write the note, or some sign showing that they wrote the note.
Kathy couldn't think of anyone. She looked down at the note.
That's kind of nice, I guess. She thought.

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