Friday, May 21, 2010

Cool With A "K" PART 21 - CHAPTER 3

Kevin, er, rolled up to Chris in the hallway and said cheerily, "Heeeey, what's up, b**ch?"
Chris smiled tightly and said, "Oh, hello, Kevin."
"Hey," Kevin said, grinning, "Do you want to join the GSA I'm starting at this school?"
Chris looked confused and Kevin laughed.
"Gay Straight Alliance, duh!" Kevin said.
Chris raised an eyebrow at Kevin and said, "Kevin, there isn't really much for *GLBT students at this school. People get thrown into garbage cans and get swirlies and such for that kind of thing. Trust me, I would know."
Kevin beamed more and said, "Weeellll, there's you and there's me and there's Jesse and there's Leo-"
"Leo?" Chris laughed hollowly, "Leo isn't gay, Kevin. Neither is Jesse."
Kevin shrugged, "Ah, too bad. That Leo guy is HOT."
Chris looked at Kevin like he was crazy and Kevin giggled, "Soooo, you wanna help me start the alliance, b**ch?"
Chris gritted his teeth and said, "Why do you always say that?"
"Say what?" Kevin asked innocently.
Chris said awkwardly, trying to avoid saying the fowl word, "You know, that thing that you always call people."
"Oh," Kevin said, cocking his head to the side, "B**ch?"
Chris nodded and Kevin shrugged casually.
"I dunno," Kevin said, "Habit, I guess you could call it."
His voice was driving Chris crazy.
"What do you say?" Kevin pried, biting his lip excitedly.
Chris shook his head, "Kevin, there's no point in starting a Gay Straight Alliance when there's no one to join. Almost everyone at our school is homophobic."
"Almost everyone, Chris darling." Kevin said, stroking Chris' arm.
Chris blushed and pulled away, "Whatever. It's no use. Also, I don't like you."
Kevin pouted and batted his eyelashes innocently, "Oh, why not, Baby Face?"
Chris shook his head, "Because, you just... Just..."
"Turn you on?" Kevin said, pinching Chris' cheek, "Such a sweet little b**ch."
"Stop, Kevin." Chris said firmly, pushing Kevin's hand away, "You're annoying, that's why!"
Kevin pouted again, but then he grinned slyly and said, "That's not why, is it, b**ch?"
"Will you stop?" Chris cried, "This is getting really old."
"You still have feelings for Jesse, don't you, Doll Face?" Kevin said with a smirk.
Chris shook his head again, "No, leave me alone.... And don't call me that, I have a boyfriend."
"Soon enough, you will." Kevin said, smiling suggestively at Chris.
Chris shuddered and said, "Back off! I have a reason to dislike you!"
Kathy and a few of her friends walked past just then and one of them said, "Oh, Kevin! Is he being mean to you?"
Kevin nodded, looking down sadly.
Chris gaped at him and cried out, "You little liar!"
Kevin blinked back fake tears and said, adding in a stutter, "Y-yes. C-Chris was harrass-ssing m-me."
There was a chorus of 'awws' from the girls as they all rushed to Kevin's side.
Kathy was still very embarrassed about her first encounter with Kevin and didn't move. She blushed and glanced at Chris, who shook his head at Kevin.
Kevin glanced at Chris half-heartedly as the girls cooed to him pitifully.
Chris glared at Kevin, then at the girls. He eyed Kathy and sighed, walking over to her.
"It looks like it's just you and me now." Chris said, sighing.
Kathy stared at him like it was crazy and he said, "We can be friends now, if you'd like."
Chris decided he had enough enemies and maybe it was time to look for some friends.
Kathy smiled warmly and said, "Um, okay."
Chris smiled back at her. There was something homey and familiar in her smile, but of course, that didn't make any sense to Chris. He didn't know that he had known this girl since he was five years old.

*GLBT = Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender

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