Monday, May 17, 2010

Cool With A "K" PART 20 - CHAPTER 10

Chris sat by his bedroom window, gazing out the window at the dreary, rainy Saturday weather. He was going through his iPod, pausing at the Three Days Grace playlist.
Chris stared at his iPod and shook his head. He changed the music to the song "Alone" by Heart. It reminded him of Geoffry.
Geoffry had always loved older music, from the 70's and 80's and such... Chris thought.
He sighed as he thought about Geoffry. Geoffry had cut off his hair for Chris. Just for him and him only.
Chris blinked back tears. He wiped them away and wondered why he had always solved his problems by crying and taking cover behind his sister.
"No..." Chris said aloud, "I can't hide behind Angie forever. I'm fifteen, almost old enough to drive, almost old enough to vote, to go to college, to work, to raise a family...."
Chris swallowed and got up, getting his jacket and the Florida Marlins baseball cap his father had given him, and he left the room.

Chris came into the living room and he was putting on his jacket. 
Mom looked up from her sewing and said, "Chris, Sweetie, where are you going?"
I turned my attention away from the T.V., looking at Chris.
Chris sighed, but smiled weakly, "Out."
Chris started to leave and Mom called after him, "Alone?"
Chris turned away from the doorway and paused for a second. Then, to my surprise, he nodded and said, "Yeah, I need... I need some alone time. Time to think."
Mom and I exchanged a look and Chris went out the door, grabbing an umbrella on his way out.

Chris walked down his block, holding the navy blue umbrella above his head. The rain pelted on it, making a gentle, steady sound.
When he thought about it, Chris couldn't believe that in all his fifteen years of life, he had never gone on a walk besides himself. Not once. Not even a walk around the suburban neighborhood he called home. It felt good.
Chris didn't think about where he was walking; it didn't matter where he went.
The suburbs of Florida smelled of fresh rain and the air was cool. Chris thought about what Geoffry had done for him and felt guilty.
After walking for a while, Chris found himself standing in a large parking lot; a very large parking lot.
At one end of the parking lot was an enormous screen. Chris had involuntarily walked four and a half miles to the exact drive-in movie theatre where he and Geoffry had first kissed.
I know I didn't do this on purpose, Chris thought, but I had to have. I mean, I couldn't have accidentally walked to this exact place...
Chris thought about this and he thought about Geoffry.
He walked through the massive vacant parking lot, stepping through puddles left from the rain, which had stopped. 
Chris stood under the colossal screen where he had watched his favorite movie with Geoffry and his sister. It seemed like so long ago now...
Chris kicked a small rock at his feet and turned around, slowly walking back home.
Before returning to his house, Chris walked through a park nearby his house. He sat down on the bench across from the park's pond.
Chris gently glided his fingers across the bench's smooth wood. He had once sat here with Geoffry, watching little kids put their little toy boats in the pond and have races.
Everything seemed to remind him of Geoffry that day. 
Honestly, Chris missed him. He really missed him.
Chris propped his chin up on his hand and thought. I wonder if he's thinking about me? Maybe I was too harsh on him... But, after all, what he did was pretty unbelievable.... But, when Mom found out, she was so calm. Why?... Was I the only one who thought it was a big deal?
Chris sighed and stood up. Hands in his pockets, he walked back to his house.

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