Friday, May 21, 2010

Cool With A "K" PART 21 - CHAPTER 2

Kevin was on his way to his next class, when he heard someone gasp. He turned around to see Kathy, staring at him pitifully. 
As if he wasn't there, Kathy said to one of her friends, "Oh my gosh, he's in a wheelchair!"
"I know!" Her friend said, "Poor thing..."
Kathy smiled a sickeningly sweet smile at Kevin and, as if she didn't think he could understand her, said very slowly, kind of loudly, "Hi, Ke-vin. My name is Ka-thy."
Kevin stared at her for a long time and eventually said in the same slow tone, "Hi Ka-thy. It's nice to meet you."
Kathy beamed at how 'cute' Kevin was, all disabled and stuff.
Just then, a kid named Lester came up to Kevin and said, "Hey, man, we need to go to third hour."
"Oh, yeah, I'll be there in just a second." Kevin said his normal energetic, fast, somewhat annoying tone. He added teasingly, "I'm talking to Ka-thy."
Kathy's face fell and Kevin said sweetly, "Good-bye, Ka-thy. I am go-ing to class now. Bye-bye."
Kevin wheeled away with Lester and Kathy blushed deeply.
Some of her cheerleader friend laughed at her. 
Embarrassed, Kathy walked away.

Chris' silver-blue eyes narrowed angrily as he glared at Kevin and Jesse from across the playground. To tell the truth, it was kind of silly-looking to see that gentle, freckled face looking so ticked off.
He watched as Kevin followed Jesse around, trying way too hard to flirt with him, when Jesse obviously wasn't interested.
"I don't know why," Chris said, "But for some reason, I just really want to push that wheelchair off a cliff right now."
Mouse patted his shoulder and said, "I know how it feels, sister."
I smirked and said, "It's called jealousy, Chris."
Mouse took her hand away from Chris' shoulder and said, "Never mind. I don't know how that feels."
Chris shook his head and said bitterly, "Mm-mm. Can't be it, I hate Jesse. He's a-"
"Sure, Chris." I said, grinning.
Chris pursed his lips and said, "Nope, I hate him. Plus, I have Geoffry. SO much better of a choice."
"Yeah, Geoffry's actually gay, unlike Jesse, who thinks you're a creeper." Mouse said.
"He's not gay, Mouse." Leo said in a 'duh' tone, "He's bisexual. There's a difference."
Chris shook his head again and said, "Whatever. I'm not jealous."
I rolled my eyes, "You're not gonna win, Chris. You like him."
Chris' swallowed, looking like he was trying to hide the fact that I was right. This was a new trait he had developed; Trying to control his feelings.
"I-I do not." Chris said, a nervous expression on his face. The thing about hiding feelings is that Chris isn't built for it. He may have brown hair, but he has skin like a ginger and blushes at the slightest things. He also stutters when he lies.
"I don't like Jesse, Angela." Chris stuttered, blushing deeply and starting to sweat. The poor kid got so nervous so easily.
I shook my head and said mercilessly, "Good luck with that."
Chris nodded and got up shakily, laughing nervously, "Hey, um... I'm gonna go now...."
"Bye, Chris." Leo, Mouse, Alice, and I said at the same time.
He started to leave, when Jesse, Jamie, Jamie's friend, Crystal, and Kevin passed us.
Chris shot Jesse and glare and turned his head away from them snottily.
Crystal and Jamie exchanged a look and Jesse sighed, looking frustrated.
Kevin smiled and tried to hold his hand, but Jesse pulled away.
"Dude!" Jesse said, "Enough of that! For the last time, I don't date guys. I'm straight."
"Just about as straight as the dagger you stabbed through Chris' heart?" Kevin asked, smiling.
Jesse gritted his teeth and said, "Sure."
Kevin smiled more and said, "Well, let's hope that was a pretty gay dagger."
Jesse clenched his teeth, trying not to get mad, and he stomped off.
Jamie and Chrystal exchanged another glance, both fighting back a grin.
Kevin beamed and said to us, "I think he likes me."
Leo groaned and got up, "Uhhg! I can't take it anymore!"
"What?" Kevin said, "The romantically dramatic live-action love story life is turning into?"
Leo shook his head, rubbing his temples, "No, the dramatic live-action gay pride documentary my life is turning into!"
Kevin's eyes lit up and he squealed, "Ooh, I wanna watch! You're cute enough. You got yourself a date, b**ch!"
Leo moaned and walked away. Wow, three people to storm away because of a guy in a wheelchair in the past five minutes.

New record.

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