Friday, May 7, 2010

Cool With A "K" PART 20 - CHAPTER 2

It was Sunday. Chris went to Geoffry's house and Geoffry suggested that they go to his room. It seemed like an odd request to Chris at first, but he trusted Geoffry.
So there they sat in Geoffry’s room, not saying a word. It was clear to Chris that Geoffry wasn't interested in being tutored by his boyfriend, but he didn't know what Geoffry did have in mind.
Chris swallowed and said, blushing a little, “Hey, Geoffry?”
Chris looked Geoffry in the eyes and said, without thinking, “I… I think I’m in love with you. Really, you're.... When I'm with you, I just get this feeling..."
Geoffry smiled at him, “Come here.”
Chris scooted closer to Geoffry and kissed him on the lips. When he started to pull away, Geoffry grasped his shirt sleeve.
Geoffry gently put his arm around Chris’ shoulders lied him down, tilting his head and pressing his lips against Chris’. Chris didn't think he had ever been this close physically to anyone like this before; It was all new. He couldn't decide whether it was a good feeling or a bad one. He thought it was a bit weird, but he figured Geoffry wouldn’t do anything bad. No, he knew Geoffry wouldn’t do anything bad.
But Chris was wrong. Geoffry slid his arm around Chris’s waist and, to Chris’s horror, slipped his hand down into the back of Chris’s jeans.
That did it. Chris shot his hand out and grabbed Geoffry’s wrist, pulling away.
“Geoffry, what are you doing?” Chris said, surprised and a bit offended.
Geoffry blinked, “Is something wrong?”
Chris couldn’t believe Geoffry actually had to ask that question, “Well, yes, actually!”
A sudden feeling of fear rushed over Chris.
Geoffry stared blankly at Chris and Chris said, "Geoffry, why did you invite me over today? You're obviously interested in something besides homework..."
Chris thought of about what Geoffry could've wanted from him. He had been with Geoffry for quite a while now, but this was too much for him. They were so young....
Then, Chris figured it out.
Chris looked at Geoffry like he had betrayed him.
"What?" Geoffry said.
Chris covered his hand with his mouth and said, "Geoffry... You're trying to get me to... To..."
"Yes, Chris?" Geoffry said, smiling.
"And I fell for it!" Chris cried.
Geoffry stared at him blankly.
Then, when Chris didn't say anything else, Geoffry got the impression that he would just let it go like he seemed to do everything else. 
Geoffry smiled at Chris. He pulled Chris closer and slid his hand back into his pants.
“Geoffry!” Chris cried, pushing him away, “Stop!”
Geoffry blinked again, not sure what to say. “Stop what?”
Chris felt his face flush with fear and embarrassment. He stuttered, “Stop touching me!”
Geoffry laughed stupidly and Chris looked at him, as if saying, What the hell is wrong with you?
“That sounded pretty sexual, Chris.” Geoffry said stupidly, almost matter-of-factly.
Chris swallowed and he blinked back tears, “Exactly.”
Geoffry looked confused for a second, but smiled and scooted closer to Chris. He tried to kiss him, but Chris backed away, not taking his eyes off Geoffry.
Geoffry laughed uncertainly, “What’s wrong, Chris?”
Chris stared at Geoffry and stood up. He could feel his throat close as he choked back tears. “Geoffry…. I can’t believe you did that to me…”
The smile slowly faded from Geoffry’s face as he realized he had done something wrong. But what had he done wrong? Obviously he had done something, but Geoffry just didn’t understand what he had done.
“Hey… Wait. W-where are you going? What did I do?” Geoffry laughed nervously as Chris backed toward the door, reaching for the handle without looking away from him.
Chris shook his head. His eyes were red with tears. His voice cracked as he said, “I can’t believe you really did that to me…. I trusted you and you were gonna- You were gonna...”
Chris sucked in a breath, trying to hold back his tears, but it was hard.
Geoffry was so confused. He grinned and said uncertainly, “Hey, Chris, don’t be that way….”
“You jerk….” Chris sobbed, “You pervert….”
“I’m not a pervert, Chris…” Geoffry said, "Come on, I'm your boyfriend. You can trust me." 
He held out his arms, hoping a hug would fix things. 
When Chris didn’t run into his arms and cry, “Oh, Geoffry! I’m so sorry! I love you!”, Geoffry got up and took a step toward him.
Chris flinched and cried, “Don’t touch me!”
“Come on, Chris…”
“Please, Geoffry!” Chris wailed, “Just stop! You’re scaring me!”
Geoffry took another step toward Chris, who yelled, “I said stop!”
Before Geoffry could say anything else, Chris opened the door and stormed down the hall.
 “Wait! Chris!” Geoffry went after him. By the time Geoffry caught up with Chris, he already had his jacket on and had one hand on the front door.
Geoffry grabbed his wrist.
“Wait, Chris. Please.” He said, feeling desperate, which wasn’t something he was used to. “Don’t go. Please just…. stay.”
Chris tried to pull away from Geoffry and wailed, “Let go! Please!”
“Come on, Chris…” Geoffry said, laughing nervously.
Chris pawed at Geoffry’s hand helplessly and cried, “Geoffry, let go or I’ll call the police!"
Geoffry laughed uncertainly again and said, “You wouldn’t do that, Chris…”
“Watch me!” Chris hollered, tears pouring from his eyes, “Police! Someone call 911! Harassment! He’s sexually harassing me!”
Geoffry let go of his wrist and Chris went out the door, slamming it behind him.
Geoffry opened the door again and called after him, “Wait, Chris! Don’t go…”
But Chris was already halfway down the block, wiping his nose on his sleeve as tears ran down his cheeks. 

This was the worst day of his life, he thought.

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