Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Cool With A "K" PART 20 - CHAPTER 13

Geoffry walked to the park the last letter had described that Saturday. He walked through the park, wondering what he was looking for.
Geoffry sighed and sat down on the bench across from the park's pond.
"What am I looking for?" He yelled, getting some odd looks from the people in the park.
Geoffry slammed his hand down on the bench and he got an idea. He slid his hand under the bench seat and he held his breath.
His finger brushed across a piece of folded paper.
Geoffry slowly drew out the paper, which was blue. All the other notes had been white. Maybe this one was special.
Geoffry cautiously unfolded the paper, holding his breath. The note said:

                                                                      Turn around.

Geoffry cocked his head, confused. He slowly turned around in his seat. 
Geoffry couldn't believe his eyes.
Standing about twenty yards behind the bench where Geoffry was sitting, stood the one person Geoffry hadn't even considered as his letter-writing sniper.
A smile slowly spread across Geoffry's face as Chris walked toward him, beaming.
Geoffry stood up and jogged over to him.
Chris smiled and said, "So, I see you got the letters."
Geoffry nodded dully and said, "Yeah. You wrote them?"
Chris grinned and nodded. He said, "Yes, I did. I know, not really my style, but let me talk."
Geoffry nodded back and Chris said, "Look, I think I overreacted. You and I, we think differently. Very differently. But... As mad as I was, I couldn't stop thinking about you."
Geoffry smiled and held out his arms.
Chris hesitated at first, but he smiled back and hugged Geoffry.
"That was really weird, Chris." Geoffry said.
Chris nodded, nuzzling into Geoffry's shoulder.
"I thought you were a letter-writing sniper, Chris." Geoffry said dumbly.
Chris eyed him, but smiled and hugged Geoffry tighter.
Geoffry hugged him back and said, "You're practically glowing."
"I missed you." Chris said, beaming.

Geoffry grinned, "It's great to have you back."

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