Friday, May 7, 2010

Cool With A "K" PART 20 - CHAPTER 1

Twenty. It's a nice even number, isn't it? A great place to start.
Sunday, April 18, 2010. That was when it happened. First, let's back up a bit to a perfectly, mind-bogglingly normal school day....

"Waterloo! Couldn't escape if I wanted to! Waterloo! Knowing my fate is to be with you!"
"Chris," I said, "Not to sound mean, but will you please shut up before I have to punch you in the face?"
"ABBA is sooo great!" Chris cooed, smiling cheerily.
"Not after a week of it non-stop..." I said under my breath.
"Don't fight, you two." Mom said from the front seat of the car.
"We're not..." I said, bored, "Are we there yet?"
Mom sighed, "We're almost there, Angela."
Mom was driving us to school today because she said she wanted to 'spend more time with us'.
"We're here, kids." Mom said, smiling.
Chris and I got out of the car and Chris said, "Bye, Mommy!"
Mom hugged him and gave him a kiss on the cheek, "Goodbye, Sweetheart."
"See you, Mom." I said flatly.
"Bye, Honey." Mom said, smiling, but looking disappointed that I hadn't given her a more heart-felt goodbye. But, seriously, we would only be gone for, like, seven hours.
Chris and I walked up to our school and Chris turned to wave to Mom.
"Goodbye, Mom!" He cried, waving frantically.
I glanced around, wishing he would stop.
Three football players passed by and one of them mocked Chris in an exaggeratedly feminine voice, "Bye, Mommy! I'll miss you! Golly gee, I can't believe it will be four hours until I see you again!"
I rolled my eyes and said, "School is seven hours long, Smart One."
"Aye," The football player said, "Who you talkin' to, Blondie?"
I didn't say anything and the football players laughed.
"Yeah," The first guy said, "I thought so."
They slapped high fives and walked off down the hall, laughing.
I shook my head, "Just ignore them, Chris."
Chris shrugged, "You're right, I don't need to let them get me down. I'm having a good day!"
"That's nice, Buddy Boy." I said, patting his shoulder.

When Chris was at his locker, getting his books for Math class, Geoffry came and held the locker door open.
"Hey, Chris." He said, smiling charmingly.
Chris beamed, "Hi, Honey. Hey, did you do the math homework?"
"No." Geoffry said casually, "Did you?"
Chris closed his locker and studied Geoffry. He said, "Hey, um... I can help you with your homework if you need help... You could come over."
Geoffry smiled and said, "Or you could come over to my place. You know, if you'd like that."
Chris started to smile, but looked uncomfortable.
"Something wrong, Darling?" Geoffry asked.
Chris shook his head and said, "No, it's just.... I don't know if Angie will..."
"We don't have to tell her." Geoffry said quickly.
Chris studied Geoffry again. There was an anxious look in his eyes that Chris didn't really recognize.
Chris pursed his lips and said, "... I'm not sure... What you mean...."
"You don't have to tell your sister everything, Chris." Geoffry said, putting his arms around Chris' waist, "This is our relationship, not hers."
"Geoffry," Chris said, blushing and gently pushing Geoffry's hands away, "Can we talk about this later?"
"How about at my house?" Geoffry said, grinning, "Sunday at noon?"
Chris bit his lip and thought about it. 
Angie would get so mad.... He thought, and I can't lie to her.... but Geoffry's right. This is our relationship, not Angie's. I should try to be responsible.
Geoffry put his hands on Chris' shoulders and looked him in the eyes, "You can take care of yourself, Chris. You're fifteen, you're old enough to not need her around all the time."
Chris gasped and drew his hand up to his heart, "You mean Angie can't come?"
Geoffry stared at his partner for a second and said, "My house? Sunday? Twelve o'clock?"
Chris swallowed and hesitantly said, "Um, okay. I'll come."
Geoffry smiled and the bell rang.
"Well," Geoffry said, "Time for class. Later, Love."
Chris nodded and smiled weakly. Part of him thought it would be nice to have some time alone with Geoffry, but another part of him thought that if in order to do something, he had to lie to his sister, than it was probably bad.

Chris just didn't know what to think.

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