Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cool With A "K" PART 28.5 - CHAPTER 19

The next day, Leo was feeling a lot better after Kathy had apologized to him. He was almost out of his funk... Except for the fact that the girl he loved and most of his friends were mad at him. He had to fix that.
Leo had already apologized to Kathy, so he went for the easiest one next. By easiest, Leo didn't expect this person to easily forgive him, but he didn't think he would chicken out of saying he was sorry.
Leo sat down across from Chris in English class. Angie wasn't in class yet, so it was just Leo and Chris.
Chris looked up from his book and said, "What do you want?"
Just say it. Leo thought.
"I came to say I'm sorry, Chris." Leo said, "For being a jerk and for... Saying all those things to you. I hope you know I didn't mean it and I'm really sorry that I hurt your feelings."
"You knew it would." Chris said sourly, "Right when you said it,  you knew you were hurting me."
"Yeah, I did." Leo said quietly, "I knew I was being a jerk and I said it anyway because I was mad at you for always siding with the girls instead of me."
Chris crossed his arms and said snottily, "And why would you expect me to side with you?"
Leo put his hands on the table and said, "Come on, Chris. We might act like we don't like each other, but we're friends and you can't deny it."
Chris wrinkled his nose prissily.
"Come on, dude, remember when I pulled your foot out of that bog in second grade?" Leo said, "Remember I tried to help you tape Teresea together after Mouse bit her head off."
Chris fought back a grin. Teresea was his Barbie doll Mouse murdered the first time he met her.
But he had to stay mad until he was satisfied with Leo's apology.
"Remember when you put Ipecac in my water bottle?" Chris said sharply, "Remember when you called me a f*g? Remember that, Leo?"
"Chris..." Leo said through gritted teeth, "I am trying really hard to apologize to you and you're making it incredibly hard for me to feel guilty. If you'll except my apology, do that. If you won't, then I won't keep trying to apologize."
Still crossing his arms, Chris slowly smiled and he said, "Fine, mercy."
Leo raised a suspicious eyebrow at Chris and crossed his arms.
"You're forgiven. Sorry, I think I dragged that one out a bit." Chris said, smirking, "You seemed kinda pissed."
Leo grinned and held out his hand, "Friends, then?"
Chris shook his hand, "Friends."

I came into English to see Leo and Chris shaking hands. I sat down, eyeing them nervously. That handshake could only mean one of two possible things:

A) Leo had apologized and Chris had forgiven him.
B) They had just agreed to a terrible bet that would lead to a whole other section of this story.

It turned out that A) was the correct answer, thankfully.
"So, everything's okay now?" I asked.
"Yeah, it's all good with us." Chris said.
Leo sighed, "Me and Kath, too, but Tae-Hyun's still mad."
Chris looked at him and said, "All you have to do is apologize to her, right?"
Leo shrugged, "She's sweet and forgiving, but it's hard to change her mind... God, she is so awesome."
Leo sniffled and wailed, "I miss her so much!"
He buried his face in Chris' shoulder, bawling dramatically.
Chris wrinkled his nose and reluctantly patted Leo's shoulder.
I sighed, "Um, okay. Leo, Leo- Leo, stop that!"
Leo sniffed and sat up straighter.
I snapped my fingers in his face and said, "Don't think that way! Tae-Hyun loves you and she's not going to stay mad at you forever. Why don't you just try playing it by ear?"
Leo looked at me and questioned softly, "Play it by ear?"
"Uh... Yeah." I said, trying to say it in the smart way like Tina did, "That's what Tina told me. You know, like, just not plan out anything. Wait and see what happens? Maybe it'll get easier."
Chris and Leo exchanged a look.
I grinned and said, "Woah, was I right?"
"No," Chris said, "Tina was right. That's a really good point. Please thank her for us, Angie."
I couldn't tell if he was teasing me or not.
"Thanks, bro." I said in a sarcastic tone. But I meant it. I was thankful that Chris had forgiven Leo and that Leo had apologized in the first place.
I guess Leo, Kathy, and Chris kind of fixed the problems on their own.


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