Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cool With A "K" PART 29 - CHAPTER 6

Leo walked from Study Hall toward the bathroom, deep in thought.
Stupid Julien, getting all the girls' attention. Leo thought grumpily, He even has Chris bowing down to him! Why do my only guy friends have to be an attention-hogging exchange student and a boy-crazy gay kid who's in love with him??
Then, Leo thought, You know, maybe I'm just being paranoid. Julien's only been here a few days. I should give him a chance.
As Leo passed a group of lockers, he saw something that stopped him dead in his tracks.
"No..." Leo said out loud, "Please, no!"
Julien was talking to Tae-Hyun and they were smiling warmly at each other.
Leo's eyes widened in horror and his jaw hung open.
Tae-Hyun glanced over at Leo and he saw something in her eyes that he hadn't recognized with her before; revenge.
That's right, Tae-Hyun's still mad at me. Leo thought, But what for? My personality? Is she getting back at me by hanging around Julien?
Leo's face fell in horror and Tae-Hyun, her cold eyes still on Leo, hooked her arm through Julien's and walked down the hall with him.
Furious and upset, Leo dashed into the boys' bathroom. He was surprised to see Geoffry there, standing in front of the mirror on the wall.
"Geoffry?" Leo said, closing the door, "What are you doing?"
Geoffry set a little white bottle on the shelf in front of the mirror and inspected his bared teeth in the mirror.
"Oh, just freshening up a bit for the ladies." Geoffry said, painting some of the white stuff from the bottle on his teeth with a tiny brush.
Leo stared at him, completely confused.
"With white-out?"
Geoffry rolled his eyes and said, "No, silly. It's tooth-whitening paint. I got it from some guy behind the drag store down the street."
Leo studied Geoffry awkwardly and said, "Is that legal?"
Geoffry shrugged and looked in the mirror again, "Who knows? All I care about is getting my fans back."
"Your... Fans?" Leo asked.
Geoffry nodded, "Yeah. That new French guy, what's his name? Pierre Von Croissant or something?"
"Julien." Leo said.
"Yeah, whatever, him." Geoffry said, looking at Leo, "I'm gonna take him down."
Leo raised his eyebrows in surprise and said, "Wow... Uh, really?"
Geoffry nodded and said, pointing his tooth-painting instrument at Leo, "Yes. He's stealing my fame and, more importantly, Mabel. She was my girl toy and now he has her in his clutches. Who knows what else he's capable of?"
"Well, I think he has Chris under his spell, too." Leo said.
Geoffry's eyes widened and he said, "What? Really? That's awful!"
"Yeah, I know." Leo said, sighing, "Julien was walking down the hall with Tae-Hyun just now..."
Geoffry looked up and said, "Oh, you're still into her?"
Leo nodded, walking over to Geoffry, "Yep, and she totally hates me."
"I know the feeling." Geoffry said. 
At the same time, the boys let out long, mournful sighs.
"I just can't believe I got all excited about this guy coming to live with me and go to school with me and be my friend..." Leo said, "But when I saw him with her, I just... Wanted to punch him!"
"Yeah," Geoffry agreed, nodding. Then, he got an idea.
Leo sighed and said, "Well, I'll see you later, Geoffry..."
Geoffry watched Leo leave and said, "Yeah... See you."

Our P.E. class was gathered around the field to play some sort of sport with metal bats and soft balls. I don't know and I don' care what it was...
Geoffry came up behind Mouse and said, "Boo."
Mouse whirled around and groaned, "Uhg, you again?"
"Don't sound so disappointed." Geoffry said, grinning.
Chris, Alice, and I passed by Mouse and Geoffry from a few feet away. Chris narrowed his eyes and huffed, "Why does Geoffry keep pestering Mouse?"
"I dunno, isn't that what he does?" Alice said, "Pester girls... And you."
Chris scoffed, "But she's Mouse! And at the dance..."
He gasped and then squeaked, "What if he likes her???"
"What if?" I said, "You aren't jealous, are you?"
"Leave me alone, Canning." Mouse said to Geoffry.
"Please, darling," Geoffry said, stepping in front of her, "There's no need to be formal with me. Call me by my first name."
"Out of my way before I rip your hair out of your head." Mouse said, adding mock-cheerfully, "Geoffry."
Geoffry smirked and said, "Sounds like fun. When are you free?"
Mouse scowled at him for a long time.
Geoffry sighed and stood next to Mouse, "You know, you didn't act like this when we were at Leo's house..."
Mouse's eyes got wide and Chris studied her and Geoffry carefully.
Geoffry leaned over to Mouse and said at regular volume, "In the closet... With each other..."
"SHUT UP, GEOFFRY!" Mouse screeched.
"Oh, I got another 'Geoffry'. That's a start." Geoffry said, grinning.
Chris walked over to Mouse and Geoffry and said slowly, "What do you mean at Leo's house? What happened when we were playing Seven Minutes In Heaven?"
"Oh, you don't know?" Geoffry said, laughing. Then, his face fell when he realized how mad Chris would be if he found out.
Mouse had the same realization and she grinned with delight. She was willing to give up her pride for one second to make Chris and Geoffry miserable.
She turned to Chris and said, "No one told you?"
Chris slowly shook his head and looked from Mouse to Geoffry.
"About what?" Chris said uncertainly.
Mouse smirked and said, "That Geoffry attacked me when we were in Leo's closet."
"That's not true!" Geoffry cried, "Shame on you, Mouse! Accusing me of adultry... Ha ha ha."
Chris' eyes widened and he said, "What?"
"That's right." Mouse said, "He kissed me, while he was dating you."
Jaw hanging open, Chris looked at Geoffry.
Geoffry held up his hands defensively and took a step back, "Hey, Chris..."
Chris slowly picked up one of the aluminum bats sitting on the ground and walked toward Geoffry.
Alice and I looked at each other, eyes wide.
"Hey, honey..." Geoffry said, taking another step back, "No hard feelings, right?"
Chris raised the bat over his head and screamed, running at Geoffry, "I'M GONNA KILL YOU!"
Geoffry started running and Chris ran after him, fast. Faster than the Chris I knew could run. This was angry Chris; furious, bat-wielding Chris.
Mouse, Alice, me, and a bunch of other kids in our gym class watched Chris chase Geoffry with the bat for a while.
"Wow," Mouse said, laughing, "This is sooo worth it!"
I nodded, then my face fell. I looked at Mouse and said quietly, "You... And Geoffry?"
Mouse gritted her teeth and said, "Please, Ange, this is my moment. Don't ruin it."
We watched Chris and Geoffry until the gym teacher came and took the bat away from Chris.
"I HATE YOU, YOU STUPID CHEATING PERVERT!" Chris screamed. The gym teacher held him away from Geoffry and Chris snatched at the air angrily.
Geoffry stared at him in fear, panting from running.
I laughed to Mouse, "This is better than T.V."
"I know, right?" Mouse agreed, chuckling.
I even saw Alice smirk a little bit out of the corner of my eye. But, really...

Geoffry had kissed Mouse right under our noses?

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