Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Cool With A "K" PART 29 - CHAPTER 4


The more Leo walked around the school with Julien, the more he noticed the looks girls were giving Julien. In fact, none of them were looking at Leo! Even less than usual!
They were all too busy staring googly-eyed at Julien, who smiled back at them charmingly.
Leo decided to take a survey; he asked a bunch of girls what they thought of Julien.
"He's a dream!"
"He's so handsome!"
"He's charming!"
"He's incredible!"
"He's perfect!"

Leo walked into ELA that day with a scowl on his face. He sat down by Chris, who said, "Hey, why the long face? Did something happen?"
Leo nodded slowly and said, "Yes, something happened."
"What is it?" Chris asked.
Leo glared in the direction of the door and Chris followed his gaze. Leo pointed at Julien, who had just entered the room.
"That happened." Leo said flatly.
"Julien?" Chris said, "What do you mean? He's wonderful."
Leo groaned, "You too? Come on, you're a guy, you should be on my side!"
"I'm a gay guy." Chris said, setting his chin on his hand, "The bro code is broken between us if the enemy is that cute."
"You're disgusting." Leo scoffed, sulking.
Chris smiled at Julien and said flirtily, "Hi, Julien."
"Good morning, guys." Julien said, sitting down.

I came into ELA and sat down with Julien, Chris, and Leo.
"Hi, Julien." I said, beaming.
Julien waved hello and Leo groaned loudly, throwing his head on the table.
I looked at Chris and said, "Uhh... What's..."
Chris said, inspecting Leo, "Oh, nothing. Don't worry about him."
Leo moaned louder and whacked his head on the table over and over.
I wonder what's wrong with him...

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