Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Cool With A "K" PART 29 - CHAPTER 3

I sat in homeroom, tapping my foot impatiently. This was the day that Leo's new French host student would begin coming to school with him. I assumed he would have the same class schedule as Leo, so I would get to meet him in first hour.
The bell rang and I got up and rushed out the door.
"Wait up, Ange." Chris said, irritated.
He and I walked into ELA and spotted Leo. We sat down by him and I said, gesturing the unfamiliar boy sitting next to him, "Is this Julien?"
Julien smiled and held out his hand, "Yes, I am Julien. It's very nice to meet you."
My face slowly fell as I took his soft hand in mine. Then, everything kind of blurred...
I gazed at Julien and said dreamily, "I'm Angie. It's nice to meet you, too."
Leo gave me a confused look and Julien smiled politely, melting my heart.
"I'm Chris, Angie's brother." Chris said, holding his hand out.
Julien's attention left me and he shook my brother's hand. Damn you, Chris.
"Nice to meet you, Chris." Julien said, smiling warmly at him.
I glared icily at Chris. Was he going to try to steal away another attractive exchange student from me???
I cleared my throat and said, "Hey, Chris. Let's sit down, shall we?"
Chris looked at me and said, dazed, "Sure..."
I sat down next to Julien as fast as I could and Chris glared at me. I smiled adoringly at Julien and Chris, sulking, sat down by Leo.
"So, are you excited to be at an American school?" I asked.
"Angela," Chris said, clearly annoyed with me, "Just because he's French doesn't mean he's never been to an American school. Don't be racist."
I glared at Chris and Julien said, "Oh, I've never been to an American school, actually."
He has an accent. Heeheeee...
Chris smiled tightly and said, "Oh. I see."
"And yes, I am excited to be at an American school." Julien said, looking at me, "It is very cool."
I laughed dopily and said, "Oh, cool."
Chris rolled his eyes and Leo said, clearing his throat awkwardly, "Uh, yeah, so w-we should probably do our work now, right?"
"Of course." Julien said, turning to his work.

After ELA, Leo pulled me aside in the hallway and said, "What the heck was that?"
"What was what?" I asked.
"You know what I mean." Leo said, "You and Chris were all over Julien!"
I crossed my arms and said, "Why are you talking to me, then? Go yell at Chris."
"Seriously, Ange, it was weird." Leo said, "Like, in a creepy way."
I raised an eyebrow at Leo and said, "Leo, do you still have a thing for me or something?"
Leo shook his head, "No, no, Ange, that's not it. The first day Julien comes to school, you guys act all weird!"
I scoffed, "Please, Leo. I don't know about Chris, but I can say that as a girl, he probably doesn't mind attention from me."
"Whatever, just don't scare him off." Leo said, "It's not like I have very many guy friends."
"What do you mean? You have Chris." I said.
"Well, yeah, but I mean..." Leo sighed, "Guys like me. Straight guys. The last time I had a friend like that, he turned out to be a girl."
"Leo..." I said.
Leo held up his hand, "Drop it. I'll see you in class."
I watched Leo walk away down the hall and I said, "Um... Okay. See ya."

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