Sunday, February 20, 2011

Cool With A "K" PART 29 - CHAPTER 10

Chris came into English class and sat down across from me.
"What... The hell?" I said.
Chris pursed his lips and asked, "What, you don't like my outfit?"
"Uh, no." I said, "You look like a stripper in a gay bar."
"Shut up." Chris said, putting his feet up on the table, "My goody-two-shoes days are over, Angie. Me and Tae-Hyun are gonna be the next hot mess at this school."
My eyes widened and I gasped, "Chris! You just used improper grammar!"
Chris smirked and boasted, "Pshh I know, I'm so rebellious."
I think he's serious. I thought.
I crossed my arms and said, "So, what made you decide to do this?"
Chris crossed his arms and, putting his feet up on the table, gave me another smirk.
I scrunched up my nose angrily and said, "Chris!"
"Uh-huh?" Chris said, looking at his nails.
I lowered my voice and hissed, "You talked to Julien, didn't you? I know you did."
Chris sighed and said, smiling and still looking at his hands, "Of course I did."
Then he looked at me and added with a giggle, "Don't you know anything about being a girl?"
I gritted my teeth and Chris grinned arrogantly.
Leo came into the room scowling. He quietly sat down next to me and glared at Chris.
"Why the long face?" Chris said sarcastically, pouting. He laughed and took his feet off the table.
"I hate you." Leo said.
"I know, doll." Chris said, looking at himself in a little pocket mirror, "Let me guess, you hate me because you can't handle the fact that the gay kid is cooler than you now?"
Leo gritted his teeth and Chris added calmly, "Oh, wait. Or is it that I'm hanging out with Tae-Hyun all the time and you're jealous because now boys are lining up to talk to her and she still hates you. Huh."
"I hate you so much, Chris." Leo said.
Chris shrugged, "What can you do?"
Then, Julien came into the room and Chris smiled at him. I was too confused to be flirty with Julien.
He smiled at Chris and sat down by him.
"Wow, Chris. You look... Really great." Julien said.
A huge smile on his face, Chris said, "Oh, thanks, Julien."
Leo caught Julien's eye and Julien said, "Hey, buddy. What's wrong?"
Leo scowled and Julien stayed completely calm.
"Nothing, buddy." Leo said sharply, smiling tightly. He turned to his work and Julien smiled to himself. He looked at me and said, "Oh, hi, Angela."
"Hi..." I said quietly. I gave my brother a dirty look and he smiled triumphantly.

"He's not gay." I told Chris after class, "Why would he be gay? Gay guys don't like burnouts."
"What are you talking about, Angie? You're stereotyping. Plus, I'm kind of getting used to this. It's fun." Chris said, waving flirtily at Lester.
Lester turned and looked at him and ran into a locker.
Chris giggled and sighed, "Ah, it's like having the world at my fingertips."
I crossed my arms, "Chris?"
I pursed my lips and said, "Do you know what the term 'burnout' literally means?"
"Of course," Chris said with a little bit of uncertainty, "It means being really badass."
I shook my head and grinned, "Nope, you're wrong."
"No, I'm not." Chris said.
"It means the pothead kids who stand behind the school smoking and getting high." I said, smirking, "So, that's you and Tae-Hyun now, huh?"
Chris didn't say anything, he just stared at me.
"Should I tell your therapist about this?" I said, putting my hand on his shoulder in mock concern, "Should I be worried about my baby brother taking the wrong path?"
Chris shook my arm off of his and said, "Whatever, Angela. No one cares what you think. And you know what? Me and Tae-Hyun are the top of the school right now. Everyone's talking about us! I'm not letting you take that away from me."
My grin faded as I watched Chris walk down the hall. I had gotten him for a second, but telling him that he didn't fit the exact description didn't fix everything. Sure, it made him self-concious, but it wouldn't make him stop trying to win Julien over.

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