Friday, September 30, 2011

Cool With A "K" PART 30 - CHAPTER 6

After her 6th period class, Mouse opened her locker, putting her books inside. She closed the door to see Geoffry leaning against the locker next to her, grinning.
Mouse jumped, "What the hell, Canning?"
"Hello, Mouse." Geoffry said, twirling his finger in his hair. He smiled and said, "How are you?"
Mouse wanted to roll her eyes, but she was above such a gesture. Think of something better, Mousey.
So, she grabbed Geoffry's collar and snapped, "What do you want, dumbass? Whatever it is, I won't do it."
Geoffry studied her face for a few seconds. He said, "Kiss me."
Mouse's face turned red and she let go of Geoffry's shirt. She spat on the ground and said, "Forget it. Never."
"Why not?" Geoffry called, but Mouse was already storming away.
Mouse stopped by the stairwell and leaned against the wall. A boy and girl walked past and Mouse moved out of the way, looking disgusted. But her heart was pounding.
"Hi, Mouse." A voice said.
Mouse turned and saw Tina standing nearby. As Mouse tried to come up with a creative insult, Tina said, "Are you doing alright? You look a little bit shaken."
Mouse glared at her and walked away.
Tina let her go and said to herself, "Hmm. Well, I hope she feels better."

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