Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cool With A "K" PART 30 - CHAPTER 1

The hallway buzzed as kids got ready to go to their homeroom classes. Withrow High School was filled with the morning sounds friendly conversation, lockers slamming, and the lesser students' screams as their heads were shoved into toilets. Shriek! Shriek! Gurgle! Flush!
One boy's blue eyes darted to the clock on the wall near the bathrooms. In a minute or two, the chaos would die down.
The bell rang and everyone headed for their homerooms.
Geoffry Canning peered out from a row of lockers, scanning the hallway. Silence.
He slipped over to the girls' bathroom door and knocked a few times. Then, the door opened and a hand appeared, pulling him inside.
Geoffry stood face-to-face with Monica Monroe, who had a fistful of his shirt clenched in her fist.
"Hey," Geoffry said, grinning.
"Hey," Monica said, grinning back, "I see you got my message."
Geoffry chuckled and slid his arms around Monica's waist.
Monica kissed Geoffry, pulling him up to her chest by his shirt.
Just then, the bathroom door opened and someone came in; it was the school coordinator, Ms. Chao.
She stared at Monica and Geoffry. They stopped kissing and looked at the teacher in surprise. Ms. Chao clenched her teeth and said, "Geoffry... Please go see Ms. Nelson in her office."
Geoffry and Monica looked at each other. Geoffry protested, "But, I was just-"
"Now, Mr. Canning." Ms. Chao said sternly.
Geoffry let out a long breath and gave Monica a shrug. She waved subtly and watched Geoffry leave.
After he squeezed past Ms. Chao's irritated glare, Ms. Chao turned her attention to Monica.
"Go to class, honey." She said.
Monica sneered slightly and left the bathroom.
Ms. Chao shook her head and followed Monica down the hallway to her classroom.

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