Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cool With A "K" PART 30 - CHAPTER 3

I walked down the hall to my locker and unlocked it.
A boy and a girl stood two lockers away and started talking.
I opened my locker and got my books for fourth hour. When I closed my locker, the boy and girl were making out.
I grimaced and walked away.
Within a few seconds, Chris joined me. He was grinning.
"So, not to into that couple, huh?" He said.
"No..." I said suspiciously, "They were just sucking face right in front of me."
Chris sighed, "Oh, well. Too bad one of them was a boy, huh?"
I studied my brother, then responded, "You can't have every sexually active boy in this school, Chris."
Chris is probably the weirdest virgin I will ever meet. He always goes for the boys who... Well, who have had sex at least once. The weird part is that if the subject comes up, even in conversation, Chris freaks out.
Chris' face turned red and he stuttered, "T-that's not what I was saying, Angie!"
Then he bit his lip and grinned again, trying to keep his cool. He was gonna insult me about something.
"What I was saying was that you probably wouldn't have been so irritated if they had both been girls." Chris snickered.
I sighed, "Chris, that was the worst lesbian joke I have ever heard."
Chris protested, "Well, you're just saying that because it's true!"
"Shut up, Chris." I said flatly.
Chris pouted and I said, "Why do you always call me a lesbian? You're gay. Don't you think that's the tiniest bit hypocritical?"
Chris studied me, lips pursed, and said, "I'm doing a project for science about genetics. I want to know if homosexuality runs in the family."
I snorted, "That is the biggest crap I have ever heard."
"Well, it's true."
"I'm in your science class, Chris." I said, "We weren't assigned any genetics project."
Chris gritted his teeth and said, "You have a crush on Tina."
I stared at him, then I laughed, "Wait, that's why you've been calling me a lesbian? You think I like Tina? I mean, I like her as a friend, but not like that."
That statement was just awkward enough that Chris smirked.
"Oh, of course." He said sarcastically.
I scowled, realizing that I had been defeated. We got to the French room and I said, "Pshh, whatever."
Chris opened the door and we went in, finding seats by Leo, Alice, and Mouse.
"'Morning, guys." Alice said.
"Morning, Alice." Chris said, addressing her, Mouse, and Leo, "Angie totally seems like a lesbian, doesn't she?"
"Chris!" I said, "Enough about that, man."
Leo said slowly, "Enough about what?"
I groaned, "Chris has been teasing me all morning. He says that I like Tina."
There was a silence. Then, Mouse snickered, "Well, do you?"
I gave her a look and said sharply, "No! Well, not like that. I like her, but I don't like like her!"
Mouse said, "Right."
I groaned and Mrs. Green said, "Okay, class! Today, we are going to watch a French music video!"
The class clapped; we like it when she shows videos because then we don't have to work.
"It's a cover of a song called Ella, Elle L'a." Mrs. Green said, turning on the projector, "Can anyone tell me what that means?"
The class was silent, so she said, "It means 'Ella, she's got it.' This song is about Ella Fitzgerald and her marvelous talent. It's by a singer named Kate Ryan."
Mrs. Green turned her scrunched up rat-smile to the class and said, "Right, class?"
She got a few bored mumbles.
Mrs. Green gave a speech about Ella Fitzgerald and how great she was. Then, she showed the music video. It was of a blonde woman in an airplane who was singing and dressed as a flight attendant.
"Woah..." Leo said.
Mrs. Green said, "Look at this. Look at how this Kate Ryan woman just flaunts her little self all over the place."
"Little?" One boy said. The class laughed.
"This song is about Ella Fitzgerald," Mrs. Green explained, "Not about sexuality."

Yeah, the class didn't care about that.

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