Sunday, September 19, 2010

Cool With A "K" PART 23 - CHAPTER 7

Leo peered around the red curtain at the audience; about two thirds of the school.
He turned away.
"Oh my God," Leo said, looking at Tae-Hyun, "I can't do this, man."
Tae-Hyun, who was adjusting his sleeve, looked up.
"Leo, you will be fine." Tae-Hyun smiled, "Trust me. If I didn't think it would go well, then I wouldn't make you do it."
Leo smiled nervously, looking through the curtain again, "Yeah, but you've never been to America before. Do you even know what American kids are like?"
Tae-Hyun was silent.
Leo gave him a look, "Exactly."
"It will be fine." Tae-Hyun said, "Now please, I have never been in a talent show before and we practiced for almost two whole weeks!"
Leo tried hard to resist Tae-Hyun's puppy dog eyes, but it was harder than he thought.
"Please," Tae-Hyun said, "Please don't back down now."
Leo gritted his teeth and said, closing his eyes, "Fine."
Tae-Hyun beamed, "Yes! Thank you!"
The boys listened to the principle announce names and Tae-Hyun said excitedly, "Oh, I think we are next!"
"Great." Leo said.
"Next is Tae-Hyun Nam and Leo Guillermo!" The principle said enthusiastically.
There was a short pause before people clapped.
Tae-Hyun turned to Leo and held out his hand, "Good luck."
Leo smiled and shook his hand, "Yeah, break a leg."
Tae-Hyun's smile faded and Leo said, "Um, it means good luck."
Tae-Hyun looked confused and he shook his head.
The curtains opened and the boys stepped forward.
Leo looked at Tae-Hyun nervously.
"It will be fine." Tae-Hyun mouthed to him.
Tae-Hyun nodded to the vise principle, who turned on the music.
Sorry Sorry by Super Junior started playing.
God, we look like idiots. Leo thought.
He felt his face flush as he and Tae-Hyun, side by side, performed the Korean dance.
Leo felt like a moron for having memorized the entire thing. He almost wished he had forgotten some of it.
But I can't mess up on purpose. Leo thought, wishing he could be more selfish. I can't do that to Tae-Hyun. He was really excited about this.
Finally, near the end, they got to the hardest part of the dance; The hand signs.
Leo had thought Tae-Hyun was crazy for being able to memorize all of it, but eventually they both had it all down.
After what seemed like forever and just seconds at the same time, Tae-Hyun and Leo stood back-to-back, arms crossed across their chests. The dance was over.
Leo had actually broken a sweat.
I wonder what they're going to throw at us... Leo thought helplessly, Fruit, or toilet paper?
Then, the impossible happened.
Most of the people started clapping and cheering.
Leo and Tae-Hyun still stood back-to-back and Leo's mouth was hanging open.
"I can't believe it," Leo said, "They actually liked it."
Tae-Hyun nodded, "Yeah, I told you."
Leo couldn't help smiling.
He didn't really know what to do, so he bowed. So did Tae-Hyun.
They went off stage and Leo said, "Wow, that was... Cool."
"Yeah, I know! I had so much fun!" Tae-Hyun said, practically glowing.
"A bunch of people were, like, cheering for us." Leo said, still surprised, "Except for the football players and most of the cheerleaders, but I guess we can't really expect that from them."
Tae-Hyun furrowed his brow and said, "But aren't cheerleaders supposed to cheer?"
Leo shook his head, "Not for us. We're not 'popular'."
Tae-Hyun beamed and said, "Well, that doesn't matter. I had a lot of fun. Thank you so much, Leo."
"For what?" Leo asked.
Tae-Hyun laughed, "For doing the dance with me, Silly."
They went out into the hall and Tae-Hyun asked, putting his coat on, "Did you have fun?"
Leo nodded without looking at him.
"Hey," Tae-Hyun said, nudging him with his arm, "Did you have fun?"
Leo looked at Tae-Hyun and smiled.
"Yeah, I did." Leo said.

And oddly enough, he meant it. He looked like a doofus, but he meant it.

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