Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Cool With A "K" PART 23 - CHAPTER 4

The next day, I sat down across from Tae-Hyun in homeroom.
"Tae-Hyun?" I said, "How are you holding up?"
"Oh, um, I'm okay." He said.
I gave a concerned look and thought of Chris. I used to give him little pep talks, like the one I was about to give Tae-Hyun. I miss the old Chris.
I suddenly got sidetracked, but then I remembered who was sitting in front of me.
"Are you sure?" I asked.
Tae-Hyun shrugged half heartedly.
I propped my head up on my hand and said, "You know, Mouse was just saying that to bug you."
Tae-Hyun looked at me, confused, "What? Really?"
I nodded and he said, "Oh... Uh, cool."
I snickered and Tae-Hyun said, "What?"
"Nothing, it's just funny that you said 'cool'." I said.
"Oh." Tae-Hyun said.
"So..." I said, "There's really nothing you want to talk about?"
Tae-Hyun shook his head, standing up, "No, thank you, Angela."
With that, my depressed little love slung his backpack over his shoulder and walked away.
As Tae-Hyun left, Chris came and sat down across from me.
"Hey, what's wrong?" Chris asked.
I gave him a slitted-eyed glare and said, "This is all your fault."
"What? Why?" Chris questioned.
"Because you like him!" I hissed at my brother.
"So do you!" Chris cried.
"Yes," I said, "But I'm a girl."
There was a silence and I hoped I hadn't just pissed Chris off.
"Uh, Chris..." I said, "I didn't mean it like that."
Chris shook his head, "No, I know exactly what you meant. You're right, you are a girl. I'm a boy, and Tae-Hyun's a boy.... I just thought something clicked with us."
He sniffed and I furrowed my brow.
"I thought you strongly believed in monogamy." I said, "What about Geoffry?"
Chris shrugged and said, "Well, yes, I've been thinking about that.... Does crushing count as cheating?"
"Why are you asking me that?" I said, "I don't know."
Chris gave me a 'you're useless' look and said, "Because you're a girl. You're supposed to know."
"Sorry to disappoint you." I said sarcastically.
Chris sighed and said, setting his chin in his hands, "I've been wondering if Geoffry and I have been going out for too long."
"What makes you say that?" I said, "I mean, I'm not saying it's not true, I'm just wondering."
A small smirk crossed Chris' lips and he said, "I don't know, it just seems like we've been together for a long time."
"Yeah..." I said, "Well, erm... Is that bad? I mean, I hate Geoffry, but you usually don't."
"Of course I don't hate him, Ange." Chris said, "I just think that it... Might be time to..... Move on."
I stared at my brother, head cocked to the side slightly.
He laughed at me and said, "What? You're staring at me like I have a bowl of fruit on my head."
I raised an eyebrow at Chris and said, "Dude, who says that?"
Chris shrugged silently and awkwardly looked down at his lap when I stared him down.
"It's just weird because you, like, love Geoffry." I said, "Like, a lot."
"Okay, how many times do you have to say 'like'?" Chris said, "Really, Angela. It's, like, so annoying!"
I looked at Chris like he was a moron.
"Seriously, Chris?" I said.
"Heh heh." Chris grinned awkwardly
"So..." I said, "Geoffry."
"Oh, yeah." Chris said, "So, I dunno, it just seems like it's been a while, and...."
His voice trailed off and I leaned toward him, "And?"
"And... I feel like I've kind of put up with... A lot." Chris said hesitantly.
"Well, duh." I said, "...Wait, did he do anything else to you???"
"No, Angela. Well, nothing as big as last time." Chris said.
I nodded and pried, "So, are you going to break up with him or something?"
"I don't know, Angela..."
"And I'll, like, never have to deal with him again?"
"What?" I said innocently.
Chris crossed his arms and gave me a look.
"What?" I repeated.
Chris shook his head and said, "Nothing. It's just that who I go out with isn't really your business."
"Isn't my- Yes, it is!" I sputtered, "Chris, I'm your sister! You and me, we used to be best friends! Remember that? I would always help you wash the paint or bird crap out of your hair, I let you cling onto me during scary parts in movies, I would let you sleep in my room when you had a nightmare. I was always there for you!"
Chris stared at me and I said awkwardly, "Well.... I guess that was a little spontaneous."
"Yes..." Chris said slowly, "Where did that come from?"
I thought about that question. Where had that come from?
"I miss you." I said quietly.
Chris studied me and nodded, kind of uncomfortably.
The bell rang and Chris got up, leaving the room quickly.
I sat at my desk for a minute.
Leo stopped next to my desk and asked, "Hey, you okay?"
I nodded and got up, "Yeah, fine."
I walked with him to English and counted the people that were building a wall between themselves and I.
One, two....
At least I still have Leo, Alice, and Mouse. I thought, 

But how long will that last?

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