Monday, September 27, 2010

Cool With A "K" PART 23 - CHAPTER 14

Leo was in detention again. He didn't really care, it's not like it was new or anything. He was just there because he had missed twelve homework assignments.... No biggie.
Leo came into the Study Hall room and sat down in the back, among the nose pickers, a kid trying to light the sole of his shoe on fire, and a few crying girls that were probably in there for talking too much in class or texting under their desk or something.
Leo set his backpack down, put his feet on his desk, and studied some of the weird stuff on the ceiling. 
A patch of it had burn marks from a light bulb, there were a few things, like gum and other sticky substances, that kids had thrown up there. Some of them were years old and would probably never fall back down.
Kids threw wads of paper at each other, they passed notes, the usual.
At one point the the behavior specialist, who was running detention, fell asleep.
Most of the kids in detention got up and slipped out of the Study Hall room, but Leo didn't follow them. He was thinking. Thinking about his fight with Chris, his wondering if Tae-Hyun was gay... Just thinking... About stuff.

Finally, detention was over. Leo was still there, wandering around the school.
He was about to walk home, be then he heard something coming from the English room.
Leo peeked into the classroom; Tae-Hyun was there.
But he didn't notice Leo. He had earphoes in his ears and the cord went into his pocket. IPod.
Leo watched silently as Tae-Hyun danced around the room, doing very complicated, very specific, moves.
He was mumbling a Korean song to himself.
That kid sure likes those weird girl dances... Leo thought. One reason why Kathy might have been right about him.
Then, Leo felt bad.
'Right about him?' Oh geez... Leo thought, I'm really letting stupid Kathy get to me. Remember, Leo, being gay isn't bad... Remember that... And, if Tae-Hyun was gay, that would be fine.
Tae-Hyun spun around, facing Leo, and his eyes widened.
"Oh my gosh!" Tae-Hyun said. Stumbling and blushing bright red, he yanked the earphones out of his ears and said, "Leo!"
It's so cute how he stumbles over himself like that. Leo thought, Oh God, I can't believe I just thought that.
"Hey, Tae-Hyun." Leo said, "Whats up?"
"Oh, um, I..." Tae-Hyun said, "I told Mr. Sullivan I would help clean his room to make up for being late this morning... I-I just usually listen to music when I work."
Leo nodded, but something was definetly fishy.
"So," Leo said coolly, "How long did it take you to learn that dance?"
Tae-Hyun silently stared at him with wide, scared eyes.
He was hiding something.
"Dont look so scared." Leo laughed.
Tae-Hyun said nothing and, suddenly, a possiblity hit Leo.
Leo furrowed his brow and squinted at Tae-Hyun.
Tae-Hyun looked at him nervously and his shoulders tensed.
"W-what are you doing?" Tae-Hyun said.
Leo stared at Tae-Hyun, trying hard to confirm or not confirm his idea without asking Tae-Hyun.
It makes sense, it answers almost all of my questions... Leo thought, But why the heck would he do that?
Tae-Hyun stared back at Leo and swallowed nervously.
Leo's eyes got a little wider and he said shakily, "Tae-Hyun..."
Tae-Hyun closed his eyes and said, "Yes, Leo?"
What Leo said next could've gotten him beaten up by almost any other guy he knew, but he was so sure that he had to ask.
Leo stared at Tae-Hyun and, shaking, said,

"You're a girl?"

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