Saturday, March 20, 2010

Cool With A "K" PART 19.5 - CHAPTER 1

Chris was still mad at Mouse for "getting him suspended". He was sitting at his desk in his room on his last day of suspension, deep in thought.
"What's up, Chris?" I had asked him.
"I need to get back at Mouse." He answered back, surprising me.
"What?" I asked, "As in, like, revenge?"
Chris nodded, "She got me suspended, ruining my perfect record. Angie, she messed with my education."
Oh goodness! His education! I thought.
"Actually," I said gently, "You got you suspended. You're not supposed to hit people, especially at school."
Chris shook his head, "But Mouse started it. It's her fault and you know it. Stop trying to back her up, she's just not a good enough person for that to work."
He was kind of right.
Stumped, I scoffed and said, crossing my arms, "Chris, you can't plot revenge. You're Chris." 
"What's that supposed to mean?" Chris asked, sounding slightly offended.
"I bet you don't even know how to be mean." I said, grinning.
Chris scowled and stood up. I think he tried to hit my arm, but it was hard to tell.
I raised an eyebrow at him, "Are you serious, Chris? Come on, man! You punched Mouse in the face! you can do better than that!"
Chris groaned, "I can't do that again! I was mad." 
I raised an eyebrow at him and sighed, turning to leave, "Good luck with that, Chris."
Chris stood up, crossing his arms, "Oh, you don't think I can be mean?"
"Nope." I said curtly, leaving Chris's room.
At first, Chris didn't do anything, but then he threw a pillow out his door, missing me entirely.

At lunch the next day, I watched Chris as he eyed Mouse, who was walking toward our table. Looking up at the ceiling, as if he was staring at something, Chris stuck his foot out and tripped Mouse.
 She hit the floor, recovered, and stood up, "What the hell, Chris?"
Chris gasped and held his hand up to his mouth, "Oops, didn't see you there."
I rolled my eyes. Did I mention that Chris pretty much learned how to be mean from watching dozens of Chick Flicks over and over?
Mouse eyed Chris suspiciously and sat down across from him. They glared at each other as they ate their lunch. 
Suddenly, Mouse gagged, "Gross! What is this?"
"That's called tofu, Mouse." Chris said mockingly, giving Alice a high-five and barely smiling.
Mouse glared at him and said, "Dang it, Chris! I thought that was apple sauce."
I know, there's no resemblance between tofu and normal apple sauce, but you haven't seen the food at our school. The saddest thing is that you can't tell the mac and cheese apart from the meatloaf and tasting it doesn't help much.
Mouse eyed Chris suspiciously, but curiously. A grin broke across her face and said, "Oh, is somebody still mad about being suspended? Poor baby."
Chris scowled at her, but cleared his expression to just looking suspicious, "Maybe so."
Wow, nice comeback, Chris.
"Look, Buddy," Mouse said, putting her hand on Chris's shoulder and Chris shrugged it off, "You can try to get back at me, but don't think that you're gonna win, 'cuz you're not."
Chris looked her up and down and said curtly, "Try me."
Mouse smirked and said, "Ooh, this is getting interesting! Good luck with getting your little revenge, but you and I both no it's not gonna work."
Chris sneered at her, "Oh, don't be so sure, Mouse! What if I know what I'm doing, huh?"
Mouse smirked again and said, "Then I guess you'll take me by surprise."
When she turned and walked away, a smirk slid across Chris's lips. It was kind of scary on him, being so unusual.
Alice whispered to him, "W-what are you going to do?"
Chris smiled evilly, watching Mouse walk away, "Oh, you'll see. I have a favor to ask you guys, by the way...."

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