Thursday, November 3, 2011

Cool With A "K" PART 30 - CHAPTER 10

Geoffry didn't come to school for the next few days upon being suspended for running around the school naked.
Mouse, Chris, and Alice seemed to all be in a good mood. So did all the 10th grade teachers. I understood, 'cause I was, too.
"I didn't realize that Geoffry being gone would have such a big impact on the school." Leo said to me on the second day of Geoffry's suspension. 
"Why not?" I said, looking up from my math homework, "Everyone hates him. It's about time we get a break."
Leo grimaced, "Not everyone hates him. He's not that bad."
Chris said from his desk behind us, "Look, Leo, we all know how much you love Geoffry, but please. This is our day off."
Leo rolled his eyes, "Okay, really, Chris? You're saying that I love him?"
"Yes..." Chris said quietly, "What's it to you?"
"Guys, do your work." Ms. Potter, the study hall teacher, said.
I looked down at my homework. When Ms. Potter walked away, I said in a low voice, "Chris, everyone knows that you still have a thing for him."
Leo looked at me, then over his shoulder at Chris. Chris' face turned red and he stared at us for a minute.
"I do not." He hissed. 
Leo and I grinned at each other and went back to our work. 
I swear, I could hear the smoke shooting out of Chris' ears.
"I don't love Geoffry." Chris whispered to us.
We ignored him and he recoiled in angry silence.

Chris walked out of Study Hall in a furious fog. He thought to himself, I still love Geoffry? Why the hell would they think that? Uhg, I hate that moron. Streaking? How freaking unoriginal. 
Then, someone tapped on his shoulder.
Chris turned around and said, "Oh, hey, Lester."
"Hi, Chris." Lester said, taking a step toward Chris, "I just, um, I overheard your conversation with Leo and Angela in last hour and... What you had with Geoffry was precious. Savor that."
Chris stared at Lester in a mixture of confusion and fear. 
Lester pulled his plastic sunglasses out of his curly hair with some difficulty. He put them on, nodded at Chris, and walked away. 
Chris rubbed his temples and walked to lunch.

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