Sunday, October 16, 2011

Cool With A "K" PART 30 - CHAPTER 9

I joined my friends at lunch and, right away, Leo said, "Hey, did you guys hear about that Monica girl?"
"She's not pregnant, Leo." I said, "That's just a stupid rumor."
Mouse said, "Wait, Monica's pregnant?"
I shook my head, "No! She's not pregnant."
Just then, Monica walked by and put her hand on Leo's shoulder, "Oh, hey, guys. Wha'cha talking about?"
Mouse, Alice, Chris, and I fell silent and she said sweetly, "Because if it's me, Angela, then I'm gonna rip your arms off, tape it, and send the video to the rest of you little gossipers. Got it?"
We all gawked at her and didn't answer. Monica ran her finger across the side of Leo's face and said, "Do I make myself clear?"
"Uh-huh." Leo said, nodding. The rest of us nodded with him.
Monica smiled tightly and walked away. Leo watched her leave, then looked back at us.
"She's nice." He said.
Alice and Chris gave Leo a look of disgust.
Suddenly, a choppy shout came from the hallway; "WOOOOOOOO!!!"
I whirled to look at the double doors leading out of the lunchroom. The person outside continued screaming wildly.
A few students got up and opened the doors.
"You're never gonna catch me!" The person outside screamed in a distorted voice, cackling wildly.
"What on earth is that?" Alice said.
Mouse ran to the doors and Alice, Chris, Leo, and I followed her. We elbowed our way through the crowd of kids that was heading outside, where the voice had gone.
Chris and I shoved open the doors going out to the playground and stopped short.
A guy ran across the playground at top speed, screaming and whooping. He was wearing a Darth Vader helmet and he was naked; butt naked.
The clump of students laughed and some cheered on the naked guy. Teachers chased him furiously around the playground.
Mouse crossed her arms and snickered, "What do you think they'll do if they actually catch him?"
Alice gave Mouse a scowl and Chris shook his head, "That guy is insane."
He turned away and chuckled to himself.
I stared at him, confused, and asked, "Why are you laughing?"
Chris looked at me and said, shrugging, "I dunno, I guess it's just kind of... He's a guy running naked with a Darth Vader helmet on, Angie."
"No, no, what were you gonna say?" I asked.
Alice, Mouse, and Leo gave Chris their attention.
Shrugging again, Chris laughed, "Well, it takes a lot of guts to run around your high school butt naked, don't you think?"
Alice snorted, "Uhg, I just think it's stupid."
"Yeah, really." Leo said, "And if he's so brave, then why is he wearing that mask?"
"Well, think about it, Leo." I said, "Would you streak in your school and be able to walk the halls the next day and be cool with everyone knowing that it was you?"
Leo thought, then didn't say anything.
Mouse added, "They're right, Chris. Streakers aren't brave, they're just stupid."
"Say what you want, you guys, but I think whoever that guy is has guts. Maybe he's got an immature way of showing it, but he's got guts." Chris said.
Then, one of the teachers (our social studies teacher, Mr. Jacoby) finally got a hold of the streaker's shoulders. He yelled at him and pulled of his mask, revealing a mess of fluffy blonde hair.
My jaw dropped and kids around me started whispering.
"Geoffry?!" Alice said in disbelief, "It was Geoffry?"
Lester came up to us and put his hand on Chris' shoulder.
"Wow, that was pretty coo' of him, don't you think?" Lester said.
Chris didn't say anything; he was completely speechless.
Mouse gave Lester a 'what?' look and Lester added, "Um, I mean, that's totally nasty, broseph."
She continued her stare of disapproval and Lester fled back into the crowd of students.
"Dude, I can't believe it's Geoffry." Leo said.
I looked back at him, "Yeah, we know."
"Oh my God." Chris said, his face flushing. Embarrassed, he turned and ran back into the school.
Mr. Jacoby shoved the Darth Vader mask at the school coordinator, Ms. Chao. Scowling, he lead Geoffry through the crowd of students. 
Geoffry beamed at everyone who's eye he caught. Most students cringed as he and Mr. Jacoby passed, but some of the girls looked... Down. You get the picture.
The principle, Ms. Nelson, came with a megaphone and said through it, "Alright, kids, go back to the cafeteria. Nothing to see here and your lunch hour isn't over. Back to the cafeteria, please."

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