Sunday, January 2, 2011

Cool With A "K" PART 28.5 - CHAPTER 11

Lunkwill opened the front door and tossed his backpack onto the couch.
"Kathy, I'm home." He announced. He waited to hear Kathy's voice, and when he didn't, he repeated, louder this time, "Kathy, I'm home!"
No answer.
Lunkwill knit his eyebrows and thought, Kathy's always the first one home. She's been kind of out of it lately, maybe she went on a walk or something.
"Kathy?" Lunkwill said again, kind of uncertainly. He walked down the hall and pushed open Kathy's bedroom door.
Lunkwill looked around the sad little room. The pink wallpaper was peeling from the walls and broken glass and pottery and sheets of paper were all over the floor.
Lunkwill walked into the room and turned to look at Kathy's mirror. It was completely shattered with little bits of glass still in the wooden frame. Lunkwill looked at his distorted reflection and thought, So, this is all the information I have about what's going on in Kathy's head?
But, it wasn't.
Lunkwill turned to leave and he spotted a crisp, white sheet of paper sitting on Kathy's bed. There were words written on it in Kathy's neat, girly handwriting.
Lunkwill picked up the sheet of paper and read it.

Dear Mom, Dad, Lunkwill, Liz, Cameron, Joey, and Beanie.
I am sorry you're reading this right now, it's probably very scary, but my life has been last than satisfactory for a long, long time; for too long. Now, I just can't handle it anymore.
I'm sorry we never had a better relationship, all of us kind of did our own thing...
I'm sure you can get along just fine without me.
Mom, you are amazing in your own special way and I love you.
Lunkwill, you are one of the only people who ever paid attention to me. I'll miss you.

Lunkwill was too terrified to put the paper down, so he read on:

This way will be better, I promise. This way, I can finally be happy. Wish me luck, I love you all.

"God, no..." Lunkwill said out loud. The letter fell from his shaking hands.
That wasn't just a letter... Lunkwill thought.

That was a suicide note.

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