Sunday, July 18, 2010

Cool With A "K" PART 22 - CHAPTER 2

"Herbie so talks!'
"No he does not!" Chris said, rolling his eyes at me, "Are you an idiot? Herbie's a car."
"A magical car." I said, "He's a magic car."
"That doesn't mean it talks." Chris said.
"If you were magic, you would talk, wouldn't you?" I said smugly.
"I already talk, Ange." Chris said flatly.
"Kids, be nice." Leo's mom, Jessica, called from the kitchen.
Recap: Mom, Chris, and I are currently staying with Mouse and Leo's family to get over our loss of dad. Financially and psychologically.
Just then, Chris' cell phone started ringing and he answered it.
"Hello?" He said, "... Oh, hi, Alice... Really? Oh, tell her congratulations!... Yeah, I know. Tell her anyway... Good idea. Alright, I'll talk to you later."
Chris hung up the phone and Mouse and I stared at him expectantly.
Chris smiled sweetly and tears welled up in his eyes when he said, his voice shaking, "Alice's mom had her baby."
"Really?" I said, smiling, "That's awesome!"
"It's a beautiful baby boy." Chris said, a tear running down his cheek.
"Dude, are you crying?" Mouse asked, laughing a little.
"I'm Chris, I cry!" Chris said, laughing.
Leo came in and said, grinning, "What are you girls up to?"
"Alice's mom had her baby yesterday afternoon." I said, "It's a boy."
"Oh, that's cool." Leo said, smiling.
We told Mom and Jessica and Mom suggested that we bake something for them.
"Cookies!" Chris cried, "Cookies would be just perfect! Oh, I love baking cookies! It's so much fun-"
"Chris," Mouse said, "We all know you're gay, but I'm sick of the chick talk."
"Mouse!" Jessica said, smacking Mouse in the back of the head, "Don't talk that way."
Chris snickered and Mouse punched his shoulder.
"I think making cookies sounds like a good idea." Mom said, smiling that cheesy Mom smile.
"Yay! Cookies!" Chris said, hugging Mom.
"Yay! Cookies!" Leo said, also hugging Mom.
Mom looked down at Leo, as if she was deciding whether to let him hug her, and she shrugged, hugging the boys back.
So, Chris and Mom made cookies.
Originally Leo and I were gonna help, but Leo didn't want to ruin his 'rep' by baking cookies with the girls and the gay guy, so he left. 
Chris told me to go away because he said I couldn't cook. Then I hit him and Mom made me leave the room.

Next stop, the hospital.

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