Saturday, July 17, 2010

Cool With A "K" PART 22 - CHAPTER 1

Alice, her mother, her cousin, Tyler, and Chad all sat around the table for lunch.
"There was this barbaric woman at the grocery store today that was rude to me when I tried to buy my groceries." Alice's mother ranted, "I was on the phone with Susan and the woman at the cash register interrupted me. She asked me if I wanted my groceries in paper or plastic bags. You know what I said?"
"What did you say, Darling?" Chad asked, forcing a smile.
Chad loved Alice's mother, but she was even more obnoxious when she was pregnant than she usually was.
"I told her that I was clearly on the phone and that it's rude to interrupt, but unacceptable to interrupt a pregnant woman!" Alice's mother exclaimed, rolling her eyes, "Unbelievable."
Her family nodded wordlessly.
"Well," Alice's mother said, "You three sure have been quiet this morning."
Alice and Tyler exchanged a look, but they knew better than to say anything.
"How has school been, kids?" Chad asked Alice and Tyler.
Chad had never been able to connect with the kids very much, so he was always asking them questions.
"Fine," Tyler said, "Me and Josh found a snake on the playground yesterday."
Alice's mother smiled weakly and said, "Lovely."
Chad smiled awkwardly and, knowing Alice wouldn't talk about anything gross, said, "What about you, Alice?"
"Nothing new." Alice said, "Well, Mouse poured the apple sauce from her lunch down Chris' pants the other day."
Alice's family stared at her and she went back to eating her lunch.
"So..." Chad said to Alice's mother, "How was your day, Rachel?"
"Oh, it was..." Rachel said, but her voice trailed off and her smile faded.
Alice swallowed the food in her mouth and said, "Are you okay, mom?"
Her mother didn't say anything and Tyler said, "Aunt Rachel...?"
"Rachel, Honey..." Chad said, touching his wife's hand.
She looked at him and whispered, 

"My water just broke."

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