Saturday, July 10, 2010

Cool With A "K" PART 21 - CHAPTER 11

I never thought I would ever get to see Chris approach his timid little best friend with such a look of fear on his face. I'm sure no one ever did.

But there he was, dragging his feet across the ground, walking toward Alice,
She was sitting on a bench, looking down at a book. I couldn't tell if she was actually reading it or pretending to.
I honestly think Chris and Alice would be adorable together if Chris wasn't gay (Much better than him and that bast- Er, person that I strongly dislike who's name is Geoffry).
I really think that if Chris wasn't gay, he would be head-over-heels for Alice. Her strawberry blonde hair fell over her face and her yellow sun dress waved slightly in the wind.
"A-Alice," Chris said, his face turning red. 
Wow, he looked just like Harold whenever he tried to talk to me. Weird.
Alice glanced at Chris for a second, as if she didn't notice him before, but looked away when he 'saw it was him'.
"Oh," Alice said quietly, looking down at her book, "It's you, Chris."
"Yeah..." Chris said uneasily, sitting down next to Alice, "I wanted to talk about the other day."
Alice gave him a look and Chris said, "... Okay, the past week."
Alice scowled as Chris tried to explain himself.
"You see," Chris explained awkwardly, "I hadn't seen Marble in ten years, so it was kind of a big deal. But, also, you and Kathy perceived the situation differently then I did. I never dated Kathy and, personally, I think that idea is ironic and creepy."
Alice didn't say a word, but she continued glaring.
Chris sighed and said, "Alice, I'm sorry I didn't pay more attention to your feelings. But I didn't know you thought that-"
"Here you go again, trying to blame the problem on someone else." Alice said coldly.
"What?" Chris said, standing up, "No, no, no, no, no. That's not what I'm doing-"
"Come on, Chris." Alice said, crossing her arms, "Don't lie to me."
Chris shook his head, "Who are you? Real Alice would have forgiven me."
"So, I'm not real, then?" Alice said with a killer edge of sarcasm, "Then what am I, Chris? Huh?"
"An alien," Chris said, "A monster... A robot."
Alice stared at Chris for a long time. She looked so mad that I backed up a few steps.
Alice stood up and slapped Chris across the face. Hard.
I put my hand over my mouth in surprise.
Alice stared at Chris for a while, almost as if she was just getting used to the whole 'b**ch-slap -my-best-friend-at-school' thing. Oh, wait...
Alice sniffed and blinked back tears. She turned away and ran off; Chris didn't move.
Johnny Thomas, Daniel, and Joe, the terrorists of the lesser beings here at Withrow (A.K.A., three members of the school football team) came up behind Chris and Daniel, the leader of the evil trio, laughed hollowly, "Aw, did you piss off your hag, Chrissy? Better run after her, otherwise people might think you're gay."
Chris turned and grabbed Daniel's collar and shoved him against a tree (It only worked because Chris caught Daniel be surprise).
Daniel is a head taller than Chris and very muscular, so seeing Chris push him with such force was kind of awkward.
Joe and Johnny laughed stupidly and Daniel said, "Oh, is Christina trying to be tough now? I'm so afraid!"
He made fake crying sounds and Chris jerked Daniel's collar.
"You better shut that big fat pie hole of yours." Chris said with an insane amount of edge to it, "You leave Alice alone or I'll fight you."
Daniel stared at Chris, the confidence melting off his face. He looked scared as Chris glared daggers at him, dead serious.
Then, Daniel and the others hooted with laughter.
"Wait, wait, hold up, man." Johnny howled, "Is this little wimp saying that he's gonna beat you up?"
"What a loser!" Joe laughed, playfully punching Johnny hard on the shoulder.
Chris scowled at them with pure anger. He looked so serious...
I knew he couldn't win in a fight against Daniel. Would he try?
"Chris," I said without thinking.
I walked over to him and touched his arm.
Chris hit my arm away coldly.
"Ow!" I said, "What the hell?"
"Stay away, Angela." Chris said through clenched teeth.
The football goons 'oohed' and Joe mocked, "Yeah, you better stay away, Angela. You might get hurt when little Chrissy kicks Daniel's ass!"
They all started laughing again and Chris charged Daniel.
Chris punched Daniel right in the jaw!
Daniel bent down and touched his mouth to see if Chris had bloodied him.
To tell you the truth, the fact that Chris had punched the captain of the football team in the face wasn't nearly as weird as the fact that Chris hadn't broken down crying in fear yet.
Chris didn't cry. Instead, he loomed over Daniel in fury and whispered, "That's what you get for doubting me."
Actually, Chris... I thought, Most people doubt you and you don't usually go around hitting people.
"That was for Alice," Chris said, "And this is for Kathy-"
Chris drew back his fist, but Daniel casually grabbed his hand and twisted his arm behind his back.
"Chris!" I yelled. I didn't want to rat Daniel out to authorities because that would get Chris in trouble. I don't really think the school cares much about fights any more, though.
One time when Chris and I were freshmen, two guys got in a fight right in front of our ditzy million-year-old school secretary, Ms. Apples (I don't even know...) and she didn't even notice!
Anyway, back to reality...
"Ow, ow, ow, ow..." Chris said, sucking in a breath as Daniel twisted his arm harder.
"Chris, this is why you don't do stupid things." I said, "People do mean things to you. That was really stupid."
"Excuse me, Angie, but would you please stay the hell out of this?" Chris snapped, ignoring Johnny and Joe's snickering.
Surprised, I said, "Watch the language, Buddy Boy."
"No, I won't!" Chris yelled, "I won't because I'm mad and if I don't yell, no one will listen to me, and because this FREAKING HURTS!"
I eyed his arm and said, "Uh... Okay, Chris. G-good luck with that."
"You don't talk to me that way," Daniel hissed into Chris' ear, "You don't try to fight me unless I say we fight. Clear?"
"No." Chris said.
Daniel twisted his arm more and Chris cried out.
"Chris, shut up!" I said, "You're gonna get your arm broken again!"
"How many times has that happened before?" Joe asked coolly.
I scowled at him and Chris whimpered.
Tears were running down his cheeks now, but he didn't back down.
"Come on, Chris." I said. 
He's gonna hate me for sticking up for him. I thought, .... Woah, did I seriously just think that?
"Why are you being so stubborn?" I asked Chris.
"Be quiet, Angie." Chris said through clenched teeth, "It's time... That I start fighting for myself."
I whispered to him, "You should probably learn how to fight first."
Chris nodded reluctantly and I backed off.
"Good," I whispered.
Then, Chris elbowed Daniel in the stomach with his free arm and stomped on his foot.
Instead of letting go of Chris' arm, Daniel twisted it hard and Chris screamed.
"Chris!" I yelled as Chris crumpled to the ground.
I put his head in my lap and he cried out again.
"Chris, what's wrong?" I asked, worried.
"I think he broke it." Chris cried, choking with stress.
I gently took Chris' arm and felt it.
Chris whimpered and I said soothingly, "Shh, let me take you to the nurse."
I put my arm around my brother's waist and helped him stand up.
As we passed the football goons, I glared at Daniel and said quietly (but loud enough that he could hear me), "Jackass."
Daniel glared back grimly. Had he meant to break Chris' arm... Well, if it even was broken.
Chris cradled his right arm with his left as we walked through the first floor hall of our school.
"Why would you do that, Chris?" I said, "You knew that you couldn't win a fight against Daniel. He's the captain of the football team. You're like four feet shorter than him!"
"Seven and a half inches, damn it!" Chris cried, exasperated.
"Whatever..." I mumbled, "Hey, you've been swearing a lot more lately."
"Yeah, what's it to you?" Chris mumbled.
I eyed my brother, "Are you sick or something?"
"No," Chris said, glancing at his arm, "I've just been really on edge lately. My best friend hates me, Kathy hates me, I don't have a dad, I have a broken arm. The list is just going to keep getting bigger until I can't take it anymore and kill myself."
"Hey!" I said, grabbing Chris' shoulders, "That kind of talk is not allowed!"
"You're not my mom!" Chris yelled.
"I am when she's not here!" I shot back.
There was a silence and Chris' face softened a little, but it was a sad softening.
"Angie..." He said, "What if Mom is the next to go?"
I said, "Chris, Mom is not going to leave us and you know it. I know Mom, you know Mom. She wouldn't do that."
Chris sniffed and I hugged him.
"Ow." Chris said.
"Sorry," I said, backing off, "Let's get you to the nurse."
Chris nodded and we continued down the hall.

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