Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Cool With A "K" PART 21 - CHAPTER 10

"Okay," Chris whispered, taking a deep breath, "Here I go."
Leo, Mouse, and I watched from behind our lunch table Chris went up to Geoffry.
"Geoffry, I need to talk to you." Chris said, tears welling up in his frightened eyes.
Geez, that kid is so emotional. 
"What is it, Baby?" Geoffry said, smiling at Chris.
"U-um..." Chris said, twiddling his fingers, "I, uh..."
"Honey," Geoffry said, kissing Chris' forehead, "You can tell me anything."
"Hey," Mouse called, just to be annoying (Not saying I'm not glad she did), "Can you tone it down a bit, Lover Boys? Withrow is a public school, you know."
Geoffry sighed and shook his head at Mouse. He smiled at Chris and stroked Chris' cheek.
"Now, what was it you wanted to tell me, Sweetheart?" Geoffry asked sweetly.
My God... I thought.
Have you ever just wanted to grab someone by the hair and stuff their head into a wood chipper?
Chris swallowed, staring at Geoffry with wide eyes. Chris' face reminded me of the weird ginger guidance counselor in Glee.
"Um..." Chris said, "You know... Katherine Parker... Don't you?"
"Oh, yeah..." Geoffry said, "That creepy cheerleader that always follows you around? She's been especially sticky this week, hasn't she?"
Geoffry smiled at Chris and stroked his face again.
Chris swallowed gave me an 'Oh, crap! What do I do?' look.
I shrugged and he smiled tightly at Geoffry.
"Yes, her." Chris laughed nervously, "Well, um, you see..."
Geoffry's face fell and he gave Chris a serious look.
"Chris," He said, "Is there something you want to tell me?"
Chris stared at Geoffry, looking scared, "Yes, Geoffry. I... Kathy and Alice are in love with me and they both thought I was dating Kathy but I didn't think that and now they're both mad at me."
Geoffry stared at Chris with a grim look on his face and Chris winced, remaining silent.
Then, a grin broke across Geoffry's face, "Oh, that was all? You scared me, Honey! I thought it would be something so much worse."
Chris stared at him in disbelief and stuttered, "What?"
"It's fine, Chris." Geoffry said, leaning against the wall and clearly adding, "Plus, I cheat on you with Mabel all the time. I can just go into the girls' bathroom and make out with her. None of the girls care."
"What?" Chris said.
Geoffry shook his head and smiled, "Nothing."
Chris nodded uneasily and walked away, toward our table. He let out a sigh of relief once he got to the table and I wondered if he had heard the Mabel comment.
"How'd it go?" I asked, as if I didn't hear the entire conversation.
Chris glanced at Alice, who was turned away with her salad bowl in her hand.
"Fine," Chris said, "Geoffry didn't care."
Alice glanced at Chris out of the corner of her eye, but looked away when he looked at her.
Chris looked at me and I mouthed recess.
Chris looked back at Alice and sighed.

Kathy would be forgiving because of her... Erm, fetish... But Alice would be more difficult.

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