Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Cool With A "K" PART 30 - CHAPTER 20

Ever since yesterday when I told my friends about Mouse's crush on Geoffry, the atmosphere at school just seemed totally different. I walked down the hall, a sinking depression crawling over me. It seemed like everyone felt like that; sad and isolated, maybe angry. It felt like everyone was hiding something, like they all had something that they wanted to say, but they felt like they couldn't. Unless they were me and they already said something stupid that they wished they hadn't said.
I felt the worst for Mouse and Chris. I think that Mouse is kind of stuck, because she wants to be mad at me, but it would only prove that we were right about her being in love with Geoffry. That Geoffry was right.
Chris just seems troubled. Troubled and sad. We went home yesterday and he just sat at the kitchen table by himself, his mind off somewhere far away.
You know when you do something really stupid without thinking of how it affects others and you don't even realized that it was stupid until the damage is done? And everybody else knows that it was stupid and you feel like there isn't any way that you can fix it, so all you can do is sit there are let guilt crush you into the ground? That's kind of like how I feel now.
No, that's exactly how I feel.

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