Monday, April 9, 2012

Cool With A "K" PART 30 - Chapter 18

The door slowly opened and Geoffry stepped out of the boys' bathroom, a smug look on his good-looking face. A junior girl slinked out after him wearing the same smirk. They looked at each other and smiled devilishly.
Geoffry turned to the girl and she said silkily, "I'll see you around, handsome."
Geoffry merely chuckled and said, "Yeah... Bye."
He turned and walked away, the girl waving flirtily after him.
Geoffry walked down the hall with his hands in his pockets, grinning like he had done something clever. He reached his locker and twisted the dial on the locker, chuckling to himself. He opened the locker and took out two books. He slammed the door and revealed Tina, standing behind the door. She was wearing a pink sweater, lavender sweat pants, and her hair was tied up in a ponytail, spilling out of the bright blue scrunchie in wisps of purple. She also had, of course, her navy blue hall monitor sash.
Geoffry, who hadn't noticed her, jumped. Recovering, he said, a bit uneasily, "Oh, it's you... Hello, Tina."
"Hello, Geoffry." Tina said coolly, watching him with a bland look on her face. Her eyelids sagged slightly, giving her a tired sort of look.
Tina turned to go down the hall, stuffing her hands into her pockets.
"Walk with me, Geoffry." She said simply.
Geoffry looked at her, compulsively checking over his shoulder to see if anyone else was in the hall. He hesitantly obeyed.
As they walked, Tina said, "I saw you with that girl just now. How was that?"
Geoffry eyed her nervously. He quietly answered, "Er, good. Fine, I suppose."
Tina asked calmly, "Did you have fun with her?"
Geoffry averted his gaze to the floor and he mumbled, "Uh, sure I did... May I ask why you care? You're not... Into me, are you?"
Tina sighed, watching her feet and looking the slightest bit brought down. "No, Geoffry, I'm not interested in you in that way."
"'In that way.'" Geoffry muttered mockingly.
"Do you know her well?" Tina asked.
Geoffry shrugged, "Well... Not too well. Why does it matter?"
Tina looked straight ahead and a small grin crept onto her face. She replied, "Well, I think I should let you try to answer that question."
She stopped walking and turned to Geoffry. He stopped, too, and faced her. Tina's lips flattened to a line and she studied Geoffry seriously, making him feel quite uncomfortable.
"You hurt people, you know." Tina said gently.
Geoffry's face softened slightly and he gave her a puzzled look.
Tina nodded and continued, "I know you've been upset with me and you probably don't want my advice..."
She didn't tear her gaze from Geoffry's. "It's not really my place... But I could name a couple of people who you have brought quite a lot of heartache."
Geoffry looked serious. He rose his chin slightly and said, "Do you?"
Tina nodded quietly and said, "Yes. I think you know who they are."
Geoffry stared into space for a moment, thinking. Tina said, "Well, I'll leave you to your thoughts."
She started to leave and Geoffry said, "Hey, Tina."
Tina turned back to look at him and he hesitated.
"... Why are you suddenly helping me?"
Tina studied him, then she smiled warmly. A new look for her in Geoffry's experience.
"It seemed like you needed a bit of a wake up call." She said knowingly. With that, she gave him one last smile and she disappeared down the hallway.
Geoffry watched her leave. He sighed deeply and walked silently to class, deeper in thought than he had been in ages.

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