Thursday, April 28, 2011

Cool With A "K" PART 29 - CHAPTER 21

Tae-Hyun cautiously watched Julien from around a corner in the hallway. She wanted to punch him, but at the same time she didn't want to hurt him.
Tae-Hyun sighed and walked over to Julien. "Julien,"
He turned around and smiled pleasantly, "Oh, hi, Tae-Hyun. How are you?"
She stared at him angrily, trying to decide what to say.
Julien's smiled faded and he asked, "Is... Something wrong?"
"How could you do that to me, Julien?" Tae-Hyun asked softly, her voice trembling, "How could you ask my friend Chris out on a date? I thought..."
Julien's shoulders sagged slightly and he let out a breath, "Oh... I see."
Tae-Hyun stared intensely at Julien, trying to get every ounce of the betrayal she felt into her glare.
"Um..." Julien said, scratching his head, "It did kind of come off as something like that, didn't it?"
"Why would you flirt with me if..." Tae-Hyun said. Then, a lightbulb flickered on in her head. She pointed accusingly at Julien and cried, "You're like Chris! You don't even like girls, do you?"
"Uh, Tae-Hyun-" Julien said, holding up his hands defensively.
"You made me think you liked me when I never even have a chance with you!" Tae-Hyun snapped, still pointing, "You're gay, aren't you?"
"Shh, could you please keep it down?" Julien said awkwardly.
"You were doing it on purpose, weren't you?" Tae-Hyun snapped, "Why?!"
Julien sighed heavily and pressed his fingers to his forehead. "Tae-Hyun..."
Looking at Tae-Hyun, he lowered his voice, "Yes, I am gay, and have you seen how gay kids are treated at this high school?"
Tae-Hyun blinked back tears and Julien said, "I may not be interested in girls, but they love me. Why would I resist their attention and popularity so I could be made fun of and given swirlies?"
Tae-Hyun scowled at Julien. He put a hand on her shoulder and said, "So, Tae-Hyun, sweetheart, please understand that I mean no harm. There of tons of girls like you out there."
Tae-Hyun shoved his hand off her shoulder and Julien retracted, clearly surprised.
Julien smiled warmly and said, "Come on... Don't get mad. I get how you feel."
"You're a jerk." Tae-Hyun said, tears filling her eyes.
Julien chuckled and leaned against the wall, giving Tae-Hyun a charming smile. "Plus, who wouldn't want to hang out with you? You're nice."
"Isn't what you did to me just like using someone?" Tae-Hyun said.
Julien's jaw tightened and he said, "No..."
Tae-Hyun shook her head, "You knew what you were doing all along, but I thought, I thought..."
Julien raised his eyebrows and asked curtly, "You thought what?"
Tae-Hyun scowled again. "Now you are disrespecting me, which is not okay with me."
"Tae-Hyun, that's not..." Julien said, but Tae-Hyun stormed away before he could finish.
I did not suspect Julien to be like this. Tae-Hyun thought, I thought he was kind, but he is disrespectful toward me.
As angry as she was, Tae-Hyun could feel her heart break a little more when she thought this.
I thought I knew Julien... She thought.

But I guess I was wrong.

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