Saturday, April 9, 2011

Cool With A "K" PART 29 - CHAPTER 18

"This food is great." Julien said, smiling politely at Chris, "Did you make it?"
Chris chuckled, "I wish I could take credit, but no. My mom loves when I have people over, so she agreed to make dinner. I'm not a cook, I can only bake."
Julien and Chris were sitting at the table in the living room at Chris' house for their date.
"You bake?" Julien asked, laughing, "That's adorable."
Chris raised an eyebrow at him and laughed, "Adorable? How is that adorable?"
Julien shrugged and answered, "I don't know, it just is. I don't know many guys our age who can bake."
Chris smiled dreamily at him and said, "Cool."
"Yeah..." Julien said quietly, gazing at Chris, "Cool."
They sat, smiling warmly at each other, for a long time.

I walked up the path to my house and opened the front door, only to find Chris and Julien sitting at the table in the living room!
"So," Julien began, "How-"
He stopped talking and he and Chris turned to look at me.
I stopped dead in my tracks, my bag slung over my shoulder and my eyes wide.
Chris stared at me for just a second longer and I knew he was up to something.
"Oh... Hi, Angie." He said, "I thought you had tutoring with Jenny tonight?"
What, haven't you ever gotten an F in math class?
"Yeah, I did, but she bagged on me." I said suspiciously, closing the door, "What's going on?"
Chris and Julien stared intensely at me and Julien said, "I just... Thought I'd stop by. W-we're having dinner."
I tossed my bag on the couch and glared at them, "I can see that... Mind if I join you?"
Julien and Chris exchanged a look and Chris said to me, "Oh, you really don't need to do that..."
"Sure." Julien said.
Chris looked at him again and Julien said in a low voice, "We shouldn't be rude. Come on, just let her eat with us for a moment. She's your sister and she just got home."
Chris glowered at me for a second, then gave Julien a longing look and sighed, "Sure, Ange. Go ahead, sit down."
"Cool!" I said, grinning. I sat down at the end of the square table not facing the wall, in between Chris and Julien. They looked at me awkwardly, then at each other.
I put my chin in one hand and gestured to them with the other, "Go on, keep talking, I don't care."
They can talk, I don't care. I can still stare at Julien and his beautiful face when he's talking.
Chris nodded and said to Julien, "So... How have you been?"
"Great, excellent." Julien said, "It's really cool going to school in America. Everyone's been so nice to me, too."
"Yeah, I can see why." I said, beaming dreamily at Julien.
Chris scowled at me and Julien looked like he was trying to hide a grin.
I shook my head, "Sorry, sorry. I'm not here."
Chris sighed impatiently and smiled tightly at Julien, "So, yeah, that's really good to hear. I'm glad you're enjoying your time here."
"Yeah..." Julien said, smiling warmly, "Totally."
I looked at Julien, then at Chris, and butted in, "So, what's for dinner?"
Chris scowled grimly at me and let out a long, slow sigh, like he was about to blow a fuse.
"Hey, Ange." Chris said.
"Yeah?" I said, smiling.
"May I speak with you alone for a minute?" Chris said, clenching his teeth.
I nodded, "Totally, bro. What about?"
Chris looked at Julien and said sheepishly, "Would you mind?"
Julien shook his head, standing up, "No, not at all."
"I'm sorry." Chris whispered to Julien as he walked to the hall.
Julien smiled kindly at him and left the room.
Chris folded his hands on the table and scowled at me. I beamed perkily and said, "So, whadaya wanna talk about?"
"Why are you here?" Chris asked sharply.
I scoffed, "Uh, 'cause it's my house."
Chris shook his head, slitting his eyes suspiciously, "No, you're not supposed to be here. You were supposed to be gone and now you're here and I told you I was going to be busy tonight!"
"Come on, it's just Julien. Why shouldn't I be..." I said, my smile fading. A lightbulb flickered on in my head and my heart sank with the feeling of betrayal.
I pointed accusingly at Chris, lowering my voice to a threatening hiss.
"Wait..." I said, "You and- you and him?? You're on a date with him, aren't you?"
"Yes, as a matter of fact, I am!" Chris hissed back, annoyed, "Now, if you would please find somewhere else to be right now, I would greatly appreciate it. Just, go to Leo's or Alice's house or something."
I glared at him, "You traitor."
Chris folded his arms across his chest and said, "I would like you to leave now, Angela."
Still scowling my very best scowl, I grated my chair back and it squeaked loudly on the wooden floor.
Chris gave me a dirty look and as I went to the door, he said, "Oh, and by the way..."
I turned around and said sharply, "What?"
Chris sneered at me and said, "He asked me out on this date."
I glowered at him and went out the front door, slamming it rudely behind me.
Chris sighed tiredly and rubbed his temples. He got up and walked down the hall to find Julien, who was leaning against the wall.
He looks so cool. Chris thought, blushing.
"I'm so sorry about that." He said to Julien, embarrassed.
Julien smiled understandingly, "It's alright. I have an older sister, too. I know what it feels like."
Smiling back, Chris leaned against the opposite wall across from Julien and said, "Good. I'm glad you understand."
Beaming, Julien brushed the side of Chris' cheek with one finger and said, more to himself than to Chris, "You're amazing, why would that Geoffry guy break up with you?"
Chris' face fell and he said softly, "Oh, um, he didn't. I dumped him... He's just a jerk."
"Oh, I'm sorry." Julien said, "I didn't mean..."
"I know, I know." Chris said, smiling a little, "It's fine. I'm over Geoffry now."
Julien grinned and said, "Good."
Chris' cheeks turned pink and he smiled happily. 
Julien took a generous step toward Chris, who stared at him in anticipation. A tingle went down Chris' spine as Julien ran his fingers through Chris' hair.
"Julien?" Chris asked quietly.
"Hm?" Julien said, gazing at him.
Chris bit his lip bashfully and said, "So... I just don't get why you like me."
Julien smiled and said, "I think you're very sweet."
A little bit embarrassed, Chris said quietly, "Well, I know, you said that, but it's not like I've been nice."
"What are you talking about? You've been extremely nice around me." Julien said, smiling.
Chris didn't exactly think this was true, but before he could object, Julien pressed his lips to Chris'.
Surprised but overjoyed, Chris took hold of Julien's collar and kissed him ardently.
Seeing that Chris was going with the kiss, Julien shifted his hand to Chris' neck and turned his head to an angle.
Julien slowly stood back, his hands on the wall on either side of Chris, and he stared dreamily at Chris.
Chris stared back, blushing, and a grin spread across his face. He kissed Julien again and Julien pushed him to the wall, sliding his hands around Chris' lower back.
As this miraculous event was happening, two thoughts were going through Chris' head:
Well, this date turned out to be a lot more awesome than I thought it would be. And:

God, I really hope Angie doesn't come back home soon.

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