Friday, March 23, 2012

Cool with a "K" PART 30 - Chapter 15

I slung by backpack over one shoulder and pressed my hip against my locker to hold it shut against all of the crap inside it. I put the lock on and started walking. Leo joined me and said, "Hey."
"Yo." I said. "What's going on?"
Leo sighed and shrugged, "I dunno..."
He paused, then said, "Do you think things seem to be getting kind of... Weird?"
I looked at him and asked, "What do you mean?"
Leo shrugged again, knitting his eyebrows, "Ah, I don't know. It seems like... Sometimes everything will be fine and normal, then things will just suddenly get all weird and..."
He paused. I offered, "Not normal?"
"Yeah, that."
We turned a corner and I said, "Eh, I don't know. I guess I know what you mean. What seems so weird to you this time?"
"Well, I guess there's..." Leo's voice trailed off as he looked at something ahead of us. I followed his gaze and saw Mouse storming down the hallway with Geoffry on her trail.
"Come on, Mouse." Geoffry was saying.

"Piss off, Canning, for the last freaking time!" Mouse shot back over her shoulder.
Geoffry snatched at her backback. Mouse whirled around and slapped his hand away.
"Geoffry!" She yelled, "F--k off! For God's sake, leave me alone!"
Geoffry stared at her, a grin breaking across his face, showing his white teeth. He looked like he was about to start laughing. He straightened up and said, "Sure thing, Mouse. I'll talk to you tomorrow."
Mouse gritted her teeth and turned away, storming our way.
"Hey, Mouse." Leo began, but she shoved past him, walking in between us. She pushed open the doors leading outside and stomped out. Leo and I exchanged a look.
Geoffry turned and started walking leisurely away, his hands in his jeans pockets. Leo and I stormed over to him.
"Hey!" I snapped, grabbing his shoulder and turning him around.
Geoffry said, smirking, "Oh, hello, Angela. Leo."
I spat, "What did you do to her?
Geoffry smiled warmly at me. "I didn't do anything, love. Except for maybe being too charming and handsome and irresistible."
"Come on, man. Why's Mouse so pissed off?" Leo said.
Geoffry turned his smirk to Leo and said smoothly, "Oh, Leo. Remember when we took Julien down together? We were such good friends then."
I started, "Well, I don't think you guys really took him-"
"Yeah, I remember that." Leo snarled, "It was just a few weeks ago."
"Exactly!" Geoffry said, beaming, "We could be friends again!"
Leo scowled, pointing a finger in Geoffry's face. "Look. I don't know what you did to my step sister, but I will never be your friend again."
I nodded beside him, putting on my most menacing face.
Geoffry smirked and said, "Okay, okay. So, do you wanna catch a movie sometime?"
Leo nodded, "Oh, sure, bro. I mean- no!"
I rolled my eyes and snapped, "Geoffry! I don't know what you did to Mouse, but you need to stop messing with her!"
"Why do you think I did something to her?" Geoffry asked.
Leo snorted, "Because it's always you!"
I snarled, "You sexually harassed my brother, then you did the same thing to Alice!"
Geoffry looked like he wanted to argue with us, but he tightened his lips and said smoothly, "Point taken... But think about this."
Leo and I crossed our arms at the same time and Geoffry continued, "We're not talking about me verses Alice or Chris. We're talking about me verses Mouse."
He grinned, "Am I worse than her?"
Scowling, I spat at Geoffry, "Hell yeah, you are."
Leo shook his head, looking at him in disgust, "You are one crazy S.O.B."
On that, we spun on our heels and walked away. As we exited the building, Leo leaned over and said, "That was so freaking awesome."
"I know, we're so cool." I said calmly, and I gave him a high five.

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