Monday, August 6, 2012

Cool With A "K" PART 31 - CHAPTER 3

"Good morning and gooood niiight, I'll wake up at twiiliiight..."
I turned and glared at Chris as he sang along to his iPod. "Chris,"
"It's gonna be aalriiight!" He sang.
"Chris, shut up."
"We don't even have to try, it's always a good time!" He started dancing in his seat next to me.
I rolled over on the couch and kicked him in the side.
"Ow!" He cried, yanking out his earbuds, "What the hell, Angie?" 
"Stop singing." I said, turning up the volume on the TV, "I'm trying to watch 30 Rock." 
Chris looked at the TV.
"We've seen this episode like four times." He said.
"Yeah, because it's the best one." I said, snickering, "It's the one where Kenneth licks Cerie's face." 
Chris stared at me. "Which was funny the first time."
I looked at him, then at the TV and I muttered, "It's still funny."
There was a knock on the front door and I yelled, "Come in!" 
The doorknob jiggled and there was another knock.
"It's locked, Angie." Chris said.
Still watching the TV, I said, "Oh. Go get the door, Chris."
Chris rolled his eyes and got up. He walked across the room and opened the door. "Hey, Alice."
"Hey, guys." Alice said, smiling at Chris and walking in. 
"Hey." I said, watching the TV. 
Alice set her bag on the table and sat down on the couch with us. "How's it going?" 
"Pretty good." I said, "Watching 30 Rock."
Alice nodded, "Cool. Hey, Angie, did you do the Physics homework?" 
I glanced at her, "No."
Chris looked shocked. "Why not?" 
"Because. We only have like two weeks of school left." I answered. 
Alice gave me a disappointed look. "You still have to do your work. It's really important that you keep your grade up until the end of the year."
I groaned, "But I hate Physics."
"We all do." Alice said.
"I don't." Chris said.
I ignored him. I looked at the TV again and said, "Oh, the part with Kenneth and Cerie is coming up." 
Alice looked at the screen. "Angie, are you watching this episode again?"
"It's the best one." I said, "Now, be quiet a second, it's the scene where Kenneth licks Cerie's face."
Chris rolled his eyes again and got off the couch. "Oh my God." 
He left the room. On the TV, Kenneth licked Cerie's face and I started laughing my ass off.
"What's wrong with you, Chris?" I called down the hall, "Of course that's still funny."

"Hey, guys." Tae-Hyun said, smiling brightly as she walked over to our table at lunch. She sat down next to Leo. He smiled at her and she said, "Did I tell you that I get to have my braces off in a couple of months?"
Leo nodded, grinning, and blurted out, "Sweet! Now, when we make out, we can try that tongue thing I saw on cable!"
Tae-Hyun looked shocked and we all groaned with disgust.
I wrinkled my nose. "Oh, gross."
"Leo, we don't need to hear about that." Chris said, waving his hand at him.
Mouse commented, "And by cable, he means porn."
Tae-Hyun blushed furiously and Alice said, changing the subject, "So, braces. Congratulations, Tae-Hyun!"
Tae-Hyun smiled awkwardly and said, "Thank you, I'm really excited."
She looked around the table and asked, "...Have any of you guys had braces?"

Chris nodded, "I did in middle school. For two years.
He frowned and said flatly, "In seventh and eighth grade. Two of the cruelest years of everyone's education."
He shot Mouse a deadly look. She furrowed her eyebrows and crossed her arms.
"What's with the stink eye, Carissa?" She asked suspiciously.
"Carissa?" I asked.
Mouse shrugged, "I got sick of Christina."
Chris' eyes narrowed and he said icily, "You know what I'm talking about, Tiffany." 
Mouse's eyes flickered. Chris turned to Tae-Hyun. "See these teeth?"
He lifted his upper lip with his finger, revealing his pearly white, crooked canines and rather large front teeth.
Tae-Hyun nodded and Chris said bitterly, "I had braces for two years and once I got them off, my teeth were perfect."
He scowled at Mouse. "Like a movie star."
Mouse scoffed, "Chris, give it up. You're never gonna look like Tom Cruise."
"Hey, maybe I would if I had straight teeth, but we just don't know because you ruined them!" Chris yelled, standing up.
"Sit down, Chris." Alice and I said together. 
Leo laughed, covering his mouth with his hand when Chris shot a look at him.
"Oh, I remember that." Leo snickered.
"Doesn't Tom Cruise have buck teeth?" Tae-Hyun asked. 
"So does Chris." Mouse said. 
Chris looked at her, alarmed. He opened his mouth like he was going to say something, but he closed it again. He frowned and, straining to keep his tone level, said, "Don't insult the prince, Tae-Hyun." 
Chris turned his attention to Mouse again and the scowl returned to his face. He crossed his arms and pursed his lips. Mouse raised her eyebrow at him, then she smiled widely. For the first time, I noticed that Mouse had perfectly straight teeth. I knit my eyebrows and asked, "Hey, Mouse. Did you ever have braces?"

Mouse beamed at me and said, in that special making-Chris-angry voice she has, "Nope. These babies are natural."
Chris flared up, but before he could say anything, Tae-Hyun interrupted, "Chris, what did she do?"
He looked at Mouse, not a trace of a smile on his childish face.
"It was May 13th, 2009." He said flatly.
"Oh, geez." I said, putting my hand on my forehead. 
Chris continued heatedly, "It was a Tuesday. I had just gotten my braces off and I had perfect, straight, white teeth."
"I thought they would've been gay." Leo commented. Alice gave him a look.
"I was so worried about keeping track of my retainer." Chris went on, "The day after I got it, I announced at lunch that my retainer was really important and everyone should be careful to not accidentally throw it away."
Tae-Hyun raised an eyebrow and asked uncertainly, "You announced that to the whole lunchroom?"
I answered flatly, "It was just our table, I'd remember if it was the whole lunchroom."
"So, where Mouse comes in," Chris continued, shooting a dirty look at Mouse, who smiled toothily, "Just as lunch was ending, when one of the staff members brought a garbage can around for us to throw our trash in, Mouse picked up my retainer and threw it right in."
At that moment, Leo busted out laughing. Almost as if expecting this, Chris rounded on him and shouted, "It's not funny!"
A couple of kids turned their heads. Then, I lost it, laughing my head off. Mouse joined me.
Alice and Tae-Hyun bit their lips quietly, restraining themselves while they watched us laugh. Chris scowled around at us and turned back to his lunch, picking his food quietly with his fork.
Leo snorted with laughter. He pointed at Chris and cried, "You thought you'd look like Tom Cruise!"
Chris shot him a look, then he turned to glare at Mouse. Chris picked up his tray and said through clenched, imperfect teeth, "I've been told we have a stunning resemblance."- He looks nothing like him. -"But that was when I had straight teeth!"
With that, Chris got up and stomped away from the table. Mouse called after him, "Braces can't fix buck teeth." 
Alice laughed, covering her mouth. "Oh, poor Chris." 
"I know." I said, snickering, "Guys, we're bad." 
Mouse shrugged and I added, "But mostly you." 
"Yeah, I am..." Mouse said. She smiled at the thought.

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