Friday, August 27, 2010

Cool With A "K" PART 23 - CHAPTER 2

As Leo walked to the bathroom, he heard something and turned around.

"Chris," He said defensively, "Why are you following me?"
Chris gave him a 'you're so stupid' look and said curtly, "I'm walking to the bathroom, Leo."
"At the same time as me?"
Chris rolled his eyes and said, "Would it make you feel better if I used a stall?"
"Yes, very much better." Leo said quickly, nodding.
Chris sighed and awkwardly stayed a few paces behind Leo.
The boys walked into the boys' bathroom.
"Hey, Harold." Chris and Leo both said.
"Hey, guys." Harold said casually from his corner. (Just in case you forgot, Harold always eats his lunch in the bathroom... I don't know why.)
Leo stared at Chris until Chris rolled his eyes and walked into a stall.
Then, Leo turned to Harold, who put his hands over his eyes.
Why can't girls like me as much as guys do? Leo thought, shaking his head.

My friends and I (along with Tae-Hyun, who we had kind of invited to follow us around all day) went into the gym for P.E.
A woman wearing a track suit, a baseball cap, and her brown hair in a ponytail stood in front of the class.
"My name is Coach Hathaway and I will be your P.E. teacher for this week." She said, inspecting her clipboard, "Now-"
This kid named Lester raised his hand and Coach Hathaway gave him a look.
"Yes, ginger kid." She said, pointing to him.
Lester put his hand on his curly red head and said, "Are you related to Anne Hathaway."
Coach Hathaway crossed her arms and said, "Why do ask?"
Lester shrugged and Coach Hathaway said, "What's your name, Ginger?"
"Lester." Lester said.
Coach Hathaway pursed her lips and nodded, "Yep. Okay, Ginger, gimme twenty."
Lester stared at her blankly and said, "What?"
"I said, give me twenty." Coach Hathaway said slowly.
Lester blinked and one other guy said in a loud whisper, "Pushups, Dumbass."
"Oh," Lester said, quickly getting to the floor. He tried to do a pushup and failed miserably.
"Wow," Mouse said, "He's worse than Chris."
Chris shot her a look, but, of course, she didn't notice.
Coach Hathaway pursed her lips and then boomed, "All of you, out to the field!"
Our class went outside, to the field.
Coach Hathaway faced us and said, pointing to the cones set up on the field, "This is the relay race. Get into groups of five and one person will run to your team's cone. Then, they will come back and touch their teammate's hand. Do we have any volunteers to show an example."
No one said anything and Coach Hathaway sighed.
"Fine, I'll choose the volunteers, then." She said, pointing in the direction of my friends and I, "You, the vertically challenged brunette."
Mouse and Chris silently eyed each other; both of them fit the description pretty well.
"Both of you, get over here." Coach Hathaway said, rolling her eyes like she had the most difficult job in the world.
Mouse and Chris exchanged a distasteful look and Chris glanced at Alice. He did this weird sign language thing and my face flushed.
Why is my brother so weird? I thought.
Chris and Mouse walked over to Coach Hathaway and she said, "Alrighty. So, you, the shorter one," -Mouse glares at her- "You are going to run to the cones on the other side of the field, touch the rope running between them, run back, and touch the dorky sweater vest kid's hand."
Mouse and Chris exchanged a look and there was a dead silence.
Then, they bursted out laughing. Some other kids laughed too.
Coach Hathaway looked confused and pissed.
"What?" She barked, "What are you laughing at?"
Chris tried to stop laughing and put his hand on Mouse's shoulder.
"I'm sorry, but I thought you said Mouse had to run." He said, and he and Mouse busted out laughing all over again.
Tae-Hyun, who was standing next to me, glanced at me for help and I whispered, "Mouse doesn't run."
Tae-Hyun blinked and then nodded like he didn't really understand.
Chris and Mouse caught their breath and Mouse said, as if her reaction to Coach Hathaway's first idea would change it, "Now, what do you want me to do?"
Coach Hathaway chuckled a little bit, but then she put on a straight face and said firmly, "Run."
Mouse raised her eyebrows and grinned, chuckling.
"Look," She said, hardening her tone, "I. Don't. Run."
Coach Hathaway smirked and said just as firmly, "You do now."
Mouse's face fell and Coach Hathaway smirked.
Chris cleared his throat and said, "Well, I'm sorry to intrude, but I really don't think it would be necessary to make Miss White do anything like that... She might get... Angry."
Coach Hathaway snorted, "You think I'm going to let some snot-nosed kids tell me how to run my class?"
"Kids? Is that what you just called us?" Mouse exclaimed. She didn't care if she got sent to the principle's office, she would not be humiliated.
"Yep." Coach Hathaway said, nodding and pointing to the cones on the other end of the field, "Now go."
Mouse gaped and exchanged a look with Chris.
He sighed and said, "You might as well."
"I can't just listen to her!" Mouse cried.
Coach Hathaway crossed her arms and said firmly, "Run. Now."
Mouse groaned and said reluctantly, "Fine."
Then she turned to Coach Hathaway and said, "This... Is not over."
Coach Hathaway smirked and Mouse ran across the field.
The class was silent as we watched Mouse jogged to the cones.
Chris wrung his hands nervously as he watched his teammate.
"Go Mouse!" Tae-Hyun yelled suddenly, "You can do it!"
Chris looked back at me and I said, "Yeah, go Mouse!"
"Break a leg, Mousey!" Leo cried, grinning.
"Break a face!" Mouse yelled back.
Soon a lot more people were cheering for Mouse then one would expect. Maybe they were afraid that she would hurt them if they didn't.
"What happens when she gets back here and touches my hand?" Chris asked Coach Hathaway.
"You run to the cones and run back." Coach Hathaway said, still watching Mouse.
Chris looked scared for a second and then he chuckled, "Oh, I don't think that's a good-"
"She ran, you run." Coach Hathaway said, "No arguing, you are going to run."
Chris swallowed loudly as Mouse ran back.
Mouse touched his hand as she ran back and Chris whimpered, taking off.
"Come on, you can do it, Chris!" I said.
"Yeah, come on, Christina!" Mouse cheered.
"Not funny right now!" Chris cried.
"Good luck, Chris! You can do it!" Tae-Hyun called.
That seemed to increase Chris' speed.
"You like girls, right?" I asked Tae-Hyun.
"Girls, not guys?"
"I'm not sure what you..." Tae-Hyun said slowly.
"Never mind." I said, "Go Chris!"
Chris reached the other end of the field, touched the cone, and ran back, collapsing at my feet.
"Yay! Congrats, buddy!" I said, patting his back.
"You did a good job, Chris." Tae-Hyun said, smiling beautifully. He held out a hand and helped Chris up.
Chris smiled back at him and I shot Chris the death glare.
I seemed to notice that Tae-Hyun was still holding Chris' hand before Tae-Hyun did.
I cleared my throat loudly and Tae-Hyun's face turned red and he let go of my brother's hand.
When Chris walked by I hissed, "You are not getting him."
"Didn't you see what just happened?" Chris hissed back, "He helped me up and then he held my hand for longer than five seconds!"
I scowled at my brother and walked over toward Leo.
"Did you see that?" Leo said, "Tae-Hyun was totally holding Chris' hand. For like..."
"Longer than five seconds?" I said through clenched teeth.
"Yeah." Leo said, laughing stupidly.
I nodded and said, "Yep, I know."
Leo eyed me and said, "Hey, you okay?'
He reached to put his hand on my forehead and I blocked him with one arm.
Leo slowly retracted and I stared off into the distance angrily.
There was a short silence and I collapsed onto Leo.
Leo looked around and awkwardly put his hand around me, "Uh... Ange..."
"That's just not fair!" I cried.
Leo probably decided he didn't mind people staring at us because I was crying on his shoulder, because he didn't say anything.
Chris, Tae-Hyun, Alice, and Mouse watched me crying at Leo for a while, silent.
"Wow," Mouse said to Chris, "Angie's acting like you."
Hearing that, I instantly stood up straight and wiped my face on my sleeve.
My classmates turned around to look at me.
"Well, you were acting a lot like him." Lester pointed out.
I turned around and said, "Shut up, Lester."
Lester retracted and said nervously, "Y-yes, Ma'am."
Chris studied me and an evil grin broke across his face.
"Hey, Tae-Hyun, do you want to eat lunch with us again today?" Chris said, smiling at Tae-Hyun.
Tae-Hyun's eyes widened and he took a few steps away from Chris, "Oh, uh, you know what? I'm really sorry, but I, I.. Uhh..."
Tae-Hyun looked at Leo and I, then back at Chris.
"Uhmm... Suuure..." He said slowly.
Chris smiled at him and said, "Great!"
I scowled at Chris, who flashed me an "I win" smile.

I hate my brother.

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