Friday, April 9, 2010

Cool With A "K" PART 19.5 - CHAPTER 5

Mouse was bent over, breathing hard, "I HATE THIS!!!"
The volunteer group was cleaning up trash at the park nearby their school, and they had been at it for four hours.
Chris frolicked over to Mouse, beaming. It was as if their was a cheerful glow around him, which made Mouse hate him more.
Chris patted Mouse hard on the shoulder and said loudly, "Doesn't being a good person feel nice?"
"No." Mouse said, "How did you not even break a sweat?"
Chris threw his head back and laughed. The other volunteer kids joined him and he said, "I've been working here as a volunteer for almost two years now! See, this is a good way to get good exercise and lose weight too!"
Mouse glared at Chris as he poked at the topic of her weight, "Do you even know how much I don't care about your 'manorexia' issues, Chris?"
Chris scoffed, "I do not have- Wait, what did you call it?"
Mouse rolled her eyes and Chris said, "Well, have fun cleaning the other side of the park, TIffany!"
Mouse's eyes widened and she said, "Wait, wait, what? The other side of the park?!"
Chris nodded, grinning, "We've done our share, but you were working about four times slower than the rest of us."
He picked up Mouse's litter stick and held it out to her. She snatched it from him and dragged her feet on the way to the other side of the park.
Chris slapped high-fives with the other team members.
"Good work, team." He said and the team cheered.

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